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  1. 09.02.16 by jbc201216

    Hi euronews

    Thank You for airing News from Canada

    hope that More will air soon

    Jason C Form Canada

  2. 04.02.16 by djegan79

    RE: Interview with the Israeli Ambassador to France on euronews
    Your interviewer demonstrated bias at 6;30 in the recent interview with the Israeli Ambassador to France. The Israeli Ambassador obviously effectively answered the question and the interviewer should have gone on to the next question rather than making an inappropriate editorial comment. The Palestinian perspective can be provided by one of their spokespersons. There is no place for bias in reputable media coverage and transgressors deserve to be called on it (which unfortunately is all too often when it comes to Israel and the western media).


    Dear viewer, It’s absolutely editorially justified for an interviewer to challenge a point made by an interviewee during an interview, if that point is contestable and is being presented as a universally accepted matter of fact. If it had been a round table discussion featuring a Palestinian spokesperson then the interviewer would have allowed him/her to respond. But in one-to-one interviews part of the journalist’s role is to ensure other points of view are represented, where appropriate.
    Head of English Service

  3. 02.02.16 by jbc201216

    I would like to see More News from Canada, & also the News,Sports,Business,

    hi-tech & le mag Bulletin’s updated a lot More.

    Thank You

  4. 31.01.16 by jbc201216

    Like to see more News every Hour & updates 24 hours a day

  5. 19.01.16 by anne.dekapp

    Your headline writer should review what she has written: “The richest 1% own more than 99% of world’s population”
    Slavery, to this extent, is not believed to exist on this planet

  6. 14.09.15 by bkmf1971

    The final solution of migrants to Europe, America, Canada and Australia
    Located on Western governments the task of moral responsibility which is to stop suffering to the peoples of the Third World As to how the solution is very simple: stop the flow of money and the owners of the funds to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, because the money and the owners are thieves of their people which leads to frequent poverty and increasing conflicts over wealth sites in the countries of the world The third responsibility here lies on the rulers of the West does not allow them of shirking their responsibilities towards the third world and make the West safe place for thieves and thieves mercy peoples of the third world Please Bmhacpt funds in your heads.

  7. 06.08.15 by pmilliganwyd

    I wrote yesteday to explain that the video shown on euronews and attached to this article was erroneous. I am surprised that this error has been maintained, given the otherwise excellent standard of journalism I find on euronews. For the first time I find euronews decding to maintain a news story that is blatantly false.

    1. Divorced and civilly remarried Catholics are NOT excommunicated under current canon law.

    2. Excommunication is not equivalent to receiving holy communion: – Excommunication is a penal law punishment which excludes from any taking part in Church life at all until the person has changed their ways; – Receiving holy communion requires that the person be subjectively (i.e. according to their own conscience) free from grave sin; – Priests have a duty to refuse communion to people whose objective situation (what is publicly known) is in contradiction with Church teaching

    3. Divorced and civilly remarried Catholics are excluded from receiving holy communion because their public situation is in direct contradiction to Church teaching in marriage. They remain party of the Church community.

    4. It is factually incorrect for your article to say that the Pope has called for an end to excommunication, because there is no excommunication.

    5. It is facutally incorrect for your article to say that the Pope has called on priests to grant holy communion to people in this situation

    6. It is erroneous and misleading to affirm that priests could start to give holy communion to divorced and remarried Catholics because the Pope “calls on them” to do so. The Church’s law on this matter would need to be re-written before any priest would be able to legitimately give communion in such cases.


  8. 05.08.15 by pmilliganwyd

    Today, August 5th, you are running a story that says that Pope Francis wants communion to be given to divorced and remarried Catholics. You are basing tho on his statement of this morning that the divorced and remarried are not excommunicated. Your story us erroneous because it confuses two different things. Please correct this.
    Excommunication is a punishment in Catholic Church law that is applied to vsry specific circumstances, and which has not been applied to divorced and remarried Catholics since at least 1983( if not even longer before). However the divorced and remarried who live as man and wife are not allowed to receive communion because they live in a situation which is in contradiction with the Church’s teaching on marriage. When Pope Francis says they are not excommunicated, he I reminding Catholics that all these people are still part of the Catholic community. But he us nit saying they should receive communion (in short – anyone who is in a state of grave sin should not receive communion, and their situation is classified as a state of grave sin, canons 915 and 916, Code if Canon Law).