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Get the latest science news across an in-depth look at scientific developments from Europe & the World, all as a Video on demand

Elephants smell better

28/08 16:19 CET

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  1. 15/04/2014Groundbreaking discoveries on birdsong and speedy phone charging
  2. 14/04/2014Spinal implants aid paralysed patients in medical tests
  3. 10/04/2014Put on your thinking cap
  4. 09/04/2014Solar Impulse unveil new round-the-world solar aircraft
  5. 09/04/2014Using essential oils rather than pesticides to fight malaria
  6. 08/04/2014What can you hear down there? The Ocean’s answer to Google Earth
  7. 04/04/2014ITER: How a new star will be born
  8. 03/04/2014Climate change a harsh reality for the Marshall Islands
  9. 21/03/2014Solar powered plane aims for the edge of space
  10. 19/03/2014One step closer to proving Big Bang theory
  11. 06/03/2014New hope for Breast Cancer sufferers from Cardiff University research
  12. 26/02/2014Continuous cardiac monitoring on the cards
  13. 21/02/2014SeaOrbiter set for construction
  14. 21/02/2014The desire for discovery
  15. 20/02/2014Iran’s dying lake
  16. 19/02/2014New blood test for schizophrenia
  17. 17/02/2014Amputee recovers feeling with robotic arm
  18. 13/02/2014Can diuretic drugs fight autism?
  19. 12/02/2014New mini-lab could save lives as well as time
  20. 06/02/2014Organ regeneration moves closer with stem cell breakthrough
  21. 03/02/2014New MRI scan redefining myeloma treatment
  22. 29/01/2014Spanish caveman becomes geneticists blue-eyed boy
  23. 27/01/2014Hopes for better food security with salt-resistant crops
  24. 23/01/2014New balloon therapy to fight obesity
  25. 21/01/2014Gene therapy restores eyesight
  26. 16/01/2014Rosetta to embark on final mission
  27. 14/01/2014Stem cell therapy heals broken bones
  28. 14/01/2014Plankton: the air we breathe
  29. 06/01/2014Himalayan brown bears now critically endangered
  30. 19/12/2013Danube Delta’s unique habitat under threat, say experts
  31. 16/12/2013Oldest human DNA yields more questions than answers
  32. 09/12/2013Food science to fight obesity
  33. 28/11/2013New AIDS vaccine aims to block HIV from entering the body
  34. 27/11/2013Ancient settlement discovered in Israel
  35. 19/11/2013Forecasting air pollution
  36. 14/11/2013Improving post-disaster relief
  37. 11/11/2013Romanian scientists hopeful artifical blood will be lifesaver
  38. 07/11/2013Infected mosquitos could cut dengue
  39. 06/11/2013South Korea says ‘no’ to some Japanese seafood
  40. 30/10/2013The lesser-known effects of climate change
  41. 29/10/2013Carcinogenic air pollution: a ‘collective’ issue
  42. 23/10/2013Japan’s next generation asteroid explorer to deliver subsoil fragments
  43. 22/10/2013Preserving plants and recording the world’s hidden wonders
  44. 21/10/2013Evolution theory shaken by new skull find
  45. 16/10/2013First ever comet material found on Earth
  46. 14/10/2013Life-saving clothes for premature babies
  47. 09/10/2013Unearthed chariot and team of horses points at lavish rites of ancient Bulgarian peoples
  48. 02/10/2013Plant life on Mars
  49. 26/09/2013Hi-def coral database to help preserve global reefs
  50. 24/09/2013Key find challenges life on Mars theory
  51. 17/09/2013Breakthrough stem cell find in Madrid
  52. 11/09/2013New market for video games: octogenarians
  53. 05/09/2013The people’s probe: China readies its most ambitious lunar mission
  54. 29/08/2013Electronic cigarettes risks revealed
  55. 28/08/2013Revealing the mysteries of Kosovo’s Roman ruins
  56. 01/08/2013First face transplant carried out in Poland a success
  57. 29/07/2013Geothermal plans halted after earthquake
  58. 25/07/2013Desperate attempts to save endangered species
  59. 23/07/2013Watching the brain in action
  60. 22/07/2013It’s like you’re there – visions of Mars from Earth
  61. 18/07/2013Working longer reduces risk of developing Alzheimers
  62. 15/07/2013Mapping the mosquito
  63. 10/07/2013Japanese stem cell experts make liver growth breakthrough
  64. 09/07/2013Secrets of African rivers
  65. 08/07/2013Science: Sunscreen truth
  66. 03/07/2013Italy’s heritage under the spotlight
  67. 02/07/2013Sponging off the sea
  68. 01/07/2013Science says ‘ciao’ to Italy’s Margherita Hack: the ‘lady of the stars’
  69. 27/06/2013Managing the masses, when push comes to shove
  70. 26/06/2013Lab-grown human organs
  71. 25/06/2013Developing a treatment for autism
  72. 20/06/2013Food safety takes centre stage in China
  73. 18/06/2013The Bee-lievers
  74. 13/06/2013The bee-ginning of the end?
  75. 12/06/2013“Test tube” sharks born in Lisbon
  76. 05/06/2013Mary Rose drops anchor in new Portsmouth museum
  77. 30/05/2013Biofuel-ling change with tobacco
  78. 29/05/2013Cockroaches set for bitter end
  79. 23/05/2013Croatia researchers work on getting honey bees to hunt for landmines
  80. 22/05/2013It’s a bug’s eye
  81. 20/05/2013Flying with birds
  82. 09/05/2013Is this the lost continent?
  83. 06/05/2013Somalia receives super-jab
  84. 30/04/2013Bringing Neuroscience into School
  85. 29/04/2013Heats, shoots, and leaves – Electricity from living plants
  86. 25/04/2013One-way ticket to life on Mars
  87. 24/04/2013Space debris problem piles up
  88. 17/04/2013Regenerating the future of medicine
  89. 15/04/2013Late spring bad news for hay fever sufferers
  90. 10/04/2013Catastrophic asteroid strike more likely than winning Lotto
  91. 09/04/2013The dark side of matter
  92. 28/03/2013Warm liver works better
  93. 27/03/2013Scientists urge caution over AIDS ‘functional cure’
  94. 25/03/2013Kids and computers
  95. 19/03/2013Statins: lowering cholestorol, raising debate
  96. 11/03/2013Coma software can accurately predict outcome
  97. 27/02/2013Remote controlled telescope
  98. 18/02/2013Mending broken hearts
  99. 14/02/2013Flying lizard set to change the textbooks
  100. 06/02/2013Richard III found
  101. 31/01/2013Spanish doctors take aim at lung cancer
  102. 30/01/2013Neanderthal cloning remains theoretical
  103. 28/01/2013Cycling therapy for Parkinson’s patients
  104. 23/01/2013Micro-algae is new energy source
  105. 17/01/2013Them bones, them bones
  106. 16/01/2013Bugs for breakfast, anyone?
  107. 14/01/2013Riding free of addiction
  108. 13/12/2012Using a foe as a friend
  109. 12/12/2012British Antarctic team to search for new life in sub-glacial lake
  110. 06/12/2012Cell transplant gives hope to Nazdana Jan
  111. 06/12/2012The Internet of Things: hanging out at LeWeb2012
  112. 06/12/2012The Internet of Things: hanging out at LeWeb2012, part II
  113. 05/12/2012LeWeb2012: hanging out with Indiegogo founder Danae Ringelmann
  114. 05/12/2012LeWeb2012: hanging out with kiteboarder and tech investor Bill Tai
  115. 05/12/2012LeWeb2012: hanging out with fighter pilot Brian Shul
  116. 04/12/2012euronews hangs out with with Google Vice President Ben Gomes
  117. 04/12/2012euronews hangs out with charity:water founder and CEO Scott Harrison
  118. 04/12/2012euronews hangs out with InteraXon CEO Ariel Garten
  119. 04/12/2012euronews hangs out with with NASA Chief Software Engineer Benjamin Cichy
  120. 29/11/2012Sleep Apnea treatment
  121. 28/11/2012Protecting posidonia seagrass
  122. 26/11/2012Australian piggery first to go carbon neutral
  123. 22/11/2012Wine gives new meaning to Brahms and Liszt
  124. 21/11/2012Little dog, big problem, big breakthrough
  125. 21/11/2012Painless solutions to painful situations
  126. 19/11/2012Tutankhamon Tomb recreation
  127. 12/11/2012UK researchers become ant-tag-onists
  128. 07/11/2012Where is Europe’s oldest town?
  129. 06/11/2012Protecting the Giant Mussels of the Italian coast
  130. 05/11/2012Precious Venom
  131. 01/11/2012Lighter-than-air material discovered
  132. 31/10/2012Women die of smoking too
  133. 24/10/2012Danube Delta in danger – say activists
  134. 23/10/2012Deep joy for dolphin boy
  135. 17/10/2012Are you one of the filthy rich?
  136. 16/10/2012Fearless Felix’s giant leap
  137. 15/10/2012Satellite snaps stunning shots
  138. 11/10/2012Expert urges ‘limit kids’ screen time’
  139. 10/10/2012Mammoth skeleton found in Siberia
  140. 08/10/2012Team claims success in forecasting ageing
  141. 03/10/2012Starfish cull will protect Great Barrier Reef
  142. 26/09/2012Fossil hunters turn up mammoth find
  143. 12/09/2012Sensory classroom for autistic children
  144. 06/09/2012Dinosaur discovery in south of France
  145. 03/09/2012Less invasive test for Down Syndrome
  146. 02/08/2012New computer software helps autistic communicate
  147. 11/07/2012Looking for life beyond earth
  148. 05/07/2012A black hole awaits its galactic dinner
  149. 04/07/2012Man’s oldest fibre holds bandage breakthrough
  150. 20/06/2012French scientists’ amazing discovery about dead bodies
  151. 07/05/2012Battery birds’ nests
  152. 01/05/2012Signs of radiation recovery in Chernobyl wildlife
  153. 11/04/2012Fight to make OK coral
  154. 04/04/2012‘Seeds of Literacy’ sown at dyslexia project
  155. 02/04/2012Deciphering the DNA of deadly jellyfish
  156. 28/03/2012Einstein archives: relativity to hair tips
  157. 26/03/2012Eliminating measles – personal stories
  158. 23/02/2012In vitro meat
  159. 21/02/2012New treatment for prostate enlargement
  160. 10/01/2012Logging puts Tasmanian eagles at risk
  161. 09/01/2012Giant lizard breeding programme halts species’ decline
  162. 13/12/2011Mobile phone cancer connection
  163. 30/11/2011Threatened seahorses get breeding boost
  164. 22/11/2011SeaOrbiter Ahoy!
  165. 15/11/2011The threat of antibiotic resistance
  166. 08/11/2011Algae, friend or foe?
  167. 19/10/2011Astrophysicist Margherita Hack on an infinite universe
  168. 27/09/2011Margherita Hack – a leading light in Italian science
  169. 19/09/2011Advertising turns to science
  170. 19/09/2011Black hole caught gobbling up a star
  171. 27/07/2011Scared to fly, will fly
  172. 05/07/2011Nano boat coating gives barnacles heave-ho
  173. 30/06/2011Womb transplant to go ahead in Sweden
  174. 03/05/2011First ever biosphere project is 20 years old
  175. 21/03/2011Tackling tuberculosis in children
  176. 14/03/2011New cell rejection drug could help diabetics
  177. 02/03/2011Study finds brain responds to mobile signals
  178. 02/02/2011Architect unveils ‘pyramid’s secret rooms’
  179. 27/01/2011Scientists spot oldest-ever galaxy seen
  180. 26/01/2011Blindfolded dolphins can see, says new study
  181. 23/11/2010Earliest known paintings under study in France