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  • Croatia will hold parliamentary elections on November 8 – President Grabar-Kitarovic
  • Afghan forces called for US air support while fighting the Taliban in Kunduz shortly before a hospital was struck, US commander said – RTS
  • A Swiss court has rejected a request by a FIFA official arrested in a corruption probe to be released from custody on health grounds, it said on Monday -RTS
  • US democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says removal of President Assad is top priority in Syria – Reuters
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Innovation showcases some of Europe's most brilliant new products, explained by the bright sparks behind them.

A machine which can read your mind

20/12/12 11:20 CET

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  • Tomorrow on TV
    20/06/12 18:47 CET

    Tomorrow on TV

    A new range of multimedia cameras have been developed that offer us a new way to watch live events. The devices were…

  • Robot ship inspectors
    07/06/12 17:26 CET

    Robot ship inspectors

    The maintenance of seafaring ships can be a laborious and costly expense. The damp and dirty inspections which take many man…

  • HIV vaccine on trial
    24/05/12 09:13 CET

    HIV vaccine on trial

    A team of French scientists has started clinical trials on humans for a potential HIV/AIDS vaccine. Chief Scientific Officer…

  • A robot in mind
    09/05/12 13:35 CET

    A robot in mind

    Giancarlo Ferrigno is Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He said:“This is a robotic system for assisting a surgeon…

  • The roaming recycler
    26/04/12 11:24 CET

    The roaming recycler

    A mobile recycling facility being tested in eastern and southern Europe is aiming to get the most from electronic waste. Bernd…

  • Shocking Olives
    12/04/12 16:04 CET

    Shocking Olives

    There is a electrifying new way to squeeze more from an ancient resource – olives. “We have improved the olive oil…

  • A Sweet Solution
    28/03/12 17:14 CET

    A Sweet Solution

    European scientists are sharing a sweet new solution to one of the bitter enemies of chocolate making. “We have developed…

  • Smart irrigation bears fruit
    14/03/12 18:08 CET

    Smart irrigation bears fruit

    A new irrigation system – Waterbee – is set to reduce costs and save water. John O’Flaherty, the project…

  • The future is: hands-free driving
    01/03/12 16:53 CET

    The future is: hands-free driving

    Several European engineering firms are collaborating on new technology that would allow cars to drive you, rather than the other…

  • Microwaves blast dangers of asbestos
    15/02/12 18:27 CET

    Microwaves blast dangers of asbestos

    Ryszard Parosa, Supervising Board President at ATON-HT SA explained: “We have developed a new technology for the treatment…

  • Ti my shoes
    03/02/12 11:46 CET

    Ti my shoes

    This tannery in Silla, Spain, has made its leather production greener and safer with a new technology developed as part of an…

  • Shine a light! Indoor solar cells!
    18/01/12 18:58 CET

    Shine a light! Indoor solar cells!

    Scientists are putting the finishing touches to a new way of harvesting electricity from light.   Paul Rebhan, the Global…

  • Quantel eyes the future of lasers
    16/12/11 18:05 CET

    Quantel eyes the future of lasers

    Lasers are everywhere – from laptops to satellites, they are a vital part of modern life. The power and compact nature…

  • Pop on a pod
    14/12/11 11:34 CET

    Pop on a pod

    They call it the ‘Heathrow Pod’, and it is a new way of getting around the urban jungle. Rather than waiting for a…

  • Etching below the surface
    23/05/11 12:02 CET

    Etching below the surface

    A laser that can write on the inside of glass without damaging the outside is revolutionising anti-counterfeit procedures in…

  • Low-cost portable X-ray machine hits market
    09/05/11 12:02 CET

    Low-cost portable X-ray machine hits market

    Researchers in Italy are working on small and portable X-ray scanner. The coordinator of the NANORAY project Paolo De Stefanis…

  • New green plastic made from milk curd
    10/03/11 11:19 CET

    New green plastic made from milk curd

    “We have developed a new bioplastic based on whey protein, used for making recyclable food packaging,” says Elodie…

  • New intelligent beds for EU hospitals
    10/03/11 11:19 CET

    New intelligent beds for EU hospitals

    After two years’ work on an EU-funded project, a Spanish-based company has come up with a new prototype of a bed that…

  • Bacteria-free eggs thanks to plasma technology
    28/03/11 13:17 CET

    Bacteria-free eggs thanks to plasma technology

    Our growing consumption of eggs and egg-products raises the question of how to kill the dangerous bacteria found on the shells…