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  • Robbers in Guinea stole a vehicle containing ​blood samples from suspected Ebola patients, says Red Cross (Reuters)
  • WHO says there is a ‘risk of rapid spread’ of plague in Madagascar’s capital, adding it’s killed 40 out of 119 cases in country since August (Reuters)
Innovation showcases some of Europe's most brilliant new products, explained by the bright sparks behind them.

A machine which can read your mind

20/12/12 11:20 CET

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  • Tomorrow on TV
    20/06/12 18:47 CET

    Tomorrow on TV

    A new range of multimedia cameras have been developed that offer us a new way to watch live events. The devices were…

  • Robot ship inspectors
    07/06/12 17:26 CET

    Robot ship inspectors

    The maintenance of seafaring ships can be a laborious and costly expense. The damp and dirty inspections which take many man…

  • HIV vaccine on trial
    24/05/12 09:13 CET

    HIV vaccine on trial

    A team of French scientists has started clinical trials on humans for a potential HIV/AIDS vaccine. Chief Scientific Officer…

  • A robot in mind
    09/05/12 13:35 CET

    A robot in mind

    Giancarlo Ferrigno is Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He said:“This is a robotic system for assisting a surgeon…

  • The roaming recycler
    26/04/12 11:24 CET

    The roaming recycler

    A mobile recycling facility being tested in eastern and southern Europe is aiming to get the most from electronic waste. Bernd…

  • Shocking Olives
    12/04/12 16:04 CET

    Shocking Olives

    There is a electrifying new way to squeeze more from an ancient resource – olives. “We have improved the olive oil…

  • A Sweet Solution
    28/03/12 17:14 CET

    A Sweet Solution

    European scientists are sharing a sweet new solution to one of the bitter enemies of chocolate making. “We have developed…

  • Smart irrigation bears fruit
    14/03/12 18:08 CET

    Smart irrigation bears fruit

    A new irrigation system – Waterbee – is set to reduce costs and save water. John O’Flaherty, the project…

  • The future is: hands-free driving
    01/03/12 16:53 CET

    The future is: hands-free driving

    Several European engineering firms are collaborating on new technology that would allow cars to drive you, rather than the other…

  • Microwaves blast dangers of asbestos
    15/02/12 18:27 CET

    Microwaves blast dangers of asbestos

    Ryszard Parosa, Supervising Board President at ATON-HT SA explained: “We have developed a new technology for the treatment…

  • Ti my shoes
    03/02/12 11:46 CET

    Ti my shoes

    This tannery in Silla, Spain, has made its leather production greener and safer with a new technology developed as part of an…

  • Shine a light! Indoor solar cells!
    18/01/12 18:58 CET

    Shine a light! Indoor solar cells!

    Scientists are putting the finishing touches to a new way of harvesting electricity from light.   Paul Rebhan, the Global…

  • Quantel eyes the future of lasers
    16/12/11 18:05 CET

    Quantel eyes the future of lasers

    Lasers are everywhere – from laptops to satellites, they are a vital part of modern life. The power and compact nature…

  • Pop on a pod
    14/12/11 11:34 CET

    Pop on a pod

    They call it the ‘Heathrow Pod’, and it is a new way of getting around the urban jungle. Rather than waiting for a…

  • Etching below the surface
    23/05/11 12:02 CET

    Etching below the surface

    A laser that can write on the inside of glass without damaging the outside is revolutionising anti-counterfeit procedures in…

  • Low-cost portable X-ray machine hits market
    09/05/11 12:02 CET

    Low-cost portable X-ray machine hits market

    Researchers in Italy are working on small and portable X-ray scanner. The coordinator of the NANORAY project Paolo De Stefanis…

  • New green plastic made from milk curd
    10/03/11 11:19 CET

    New green plastic made from milk curd

    “We have developed a new bioplastic based on whey protein, used for making recyclable food packaging,” says Elodie…

  • New intelligent beds for EU hospitals
    10/03/11 11:19 CET

    New intelligent beds for EU hospitals

    After two years’ work on an EU-funded project, a Spanish-based company has come up with a new prototype of a bed that…

  • Bacteria-free eggs thanks to plasma technology
    28/03/11 13:17 CET

    Bacteria-free eggs thanks to plasma technology

    Our growing consumption of eggs and egg-products raises the question of how to kill the dangerous bacteria found on the shells…