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  • ISIL fighters in Syria “kill 400 civilians” in central city of Palmyra, mostly women and children (Syrian state television/Reuters)
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Latest hitech news from the world of technology & robotics. Latest computer news & sci-tech information will keep you at the cutting edge of technology issues & developments, all as a video on demand

Drones are perfect protectors for endangered elephants

20/05 08:31 CET

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  1. 11/03/2015Ultrasonic technology could reveal cracks in planes and bridges
  2. 10/03/2015Drivers superfluous at Geneva Motor Show
  3. 09/03/2015Visa brings contactless purchases with your phone a swish nearer
  4. 05/03/2015Barcelona hosts mobile industry extravaganza
  5. 26/02/2015Drumming in thin air: invisible drum kit allows player to perform anywhere
  6. 25/02/2015Project Anywhere: an out-of-body experience of a new kind
  7. 18/02/2015Robot cuttlefish ready for underwater action
  8. 12/02/2015Paris jeweller uses 3D replicas to make unique luxury pieces
  9. 11/02/2015Implanted RFID chip controls office access for Stockholm workers
  10. 10/02/2015Mobile phone app helps Syrian refugees settle in Turkey
  11. 04/02/2015Smart glasses use 3D cameras to help visually impaired see
  12. 02/02/2015Share touch, smell and taste via the internet
  13. 02/02/2015Making the invisible visible
  14. 29/01/2015Meet the “green” snow cannon: Neve XN
  15. 28/01/2015Multiple uses for Hector the stick insect robot
  16. 27/01/2015Solar carport: using sunlight to make electric cars cheaper to run
  17. 26/01/2015Laser scanning trees
  18. 21/01/2015First 3D food printer nearly ready to make cupcakes
  19. 19/01/2015Brightening up a dark day: KaliPAK portable power plants
  20. 15/01/2015World’s first 3D-printed car is born in Detroit
  21. 12/01/2015Dress to impress: cottoning on to wearable technology
  22. 08/01/2015‘The Internet of Things’ dominates CES in Las Vegas
  23. 07/01/2015CES displays latest tech must-haves
  24. 05/01/2015Cleaner air con in cars thanks to innovative high-tech device
  25. 18/12/2014See, feel and smell the world like a bird with Birdly flight simulator
  26. 17/12/2014Putting a green twist on food packaging
  27. 16/12/2014Space technology beams down to Earth
  28. 15/12/2014LeWeb introduces high tech devices aimed at making everyday life easier
  29. 11/12/2014LeWeb: the digital world of tomorrow
  30. 10/12/2014LeWeb Paris: a forum for digital innovation
  31. 10/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Brian Solis of Altimeter Group
  32. 10/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Duncan Osborn, Google Cultural Institute
  33. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with X-Games winner Taïg Khris
  34. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with SoftTech VC founder Jeff Clavier
  35. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with BlaBlaCar founder Nicolas Brusson
  36. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with co-founder Thierry Petit
  37. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Yahoo Senior VP of Communication Products Jeff Bonforte
  38. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with CEO Shehzad Daredia
  39. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings
  40. 09/12/2014Pollutec: Green tech for a changing world
  41. 05/12/2014Baku International Telecoms and IT fair marks 20th edition
  42. 04/12/2014Come Hangout with leading tech pioneers at LeWeb 2014!
  43. 02/12/2014New Airbus design offers toilet facilities for passengers with reduced mobility
  44. 01/12/2014Bright sparks devise charging point solution for electric cars
  45. 27/11/2014Passwords test memory
  46. 25/11/2014Shapeshifting houses and inflatable incubators for humanitarian use
  47. 24/11/2014Smartphones that recognise hand gestures just around the corner
  48. 20/11/2014New York: new technology
  49. 19/11/2014‘Back to the Future’ hoverboard fantasy becomes reality
  50. 18/11/2014Cloud computing: pros and cons
  51. 17/11/2014Shop ‘til you drop and solve any maths problem instantly with new app
  52. 13/11/2014Ambulance drone could help save lives, says inventor
  53. 12/11/2014Energy-efficient street lights could be a ‘smart’ way to cut carbon emissions
  54. 11/11/2014Dublin’s tech Web Summit attracts record crowds
  55. 10/11/2014Laser technology gives priceless Vatican artworks a face-lift
  56. 07/11/2014German film-maker offers time-travel app for augmented reality experience
  57. 05/11/2014ScratchJr – Teaching pre-school kids how to write computer code
  58. 04/11/2014The 4K TV sets are out, but content needs to follow
  59. 03/11/2014The Aeromobil: living the flying car dream
  60. 30/10/2014China’s share of connected devices market grows
  61. 29/10/2014New hybrid aircraft turns into car upon landing
  62. 23/10/2014Bots in the skies: South Korean robot designed to fly
  63. 22/10/2014Visitors flock to Madrid Games Week
  64. 21/10/2014Tablets, phones and the iPad Air2: a turning point?
  65. 15/10/2014London’s iconic phone boxes go green to charge your mobile for free
  66. 14/10/2014Alternative sources of energy: electric-run boats and self-heating cooking pot
  67. 08/10/2014Leave it to the robot
  68. 01/10/2014Copper arrests hospital infections
  69. 30/09/2014New Jag and larger Mini to dominate Paris Motor Show
  70. 29/09/2014NanoKnife: cutting-edge cancer treatment on trial
  71. 25/09/2014How to survive a plane crash
  72. 24/09/2014Brain to brain communication edges closer
  73. 23/09/2014Photokina takes a snapshot of the future
  74. 22/09/2014Brain plane simulator
  75. 18/09/2014Ultrasound technology used to guide the blind
  76. 17/09/2014Third bite at cherry for Microsoft’s laptop-tablet hybrid
  77. 16/09/2014Honda unveils self-driving car in Detroit
  78. 11/09/2014Smartphones dominate IFA fair in Berlin
  79. 10/09/2014Bendable TVs all the rage at Berlin IFA show
  80. 09/09/20143D printing: a driving force in design and engineering
  81. 08/09/2014New car offers freedom for disabled drivers
  82. 03/09/2014Hit the road – taking energy from traffic
  83. 27/08/2014Hoverbike on the horizon
  84. 29/07/2014Exoskeleton gives super strength, new facial recognition software beats the human eye
  85. 28/07/2014Brussels: Old robot, new hand
  86. 17/07/2014AirDog: the drone that follows its master everywhere
  87. 15/07/2014Car of the future strips bare, easier 3D scanning for culture and criminals
  88. 14/07/2014Designing the future: EU backs innovation projects
  89. 09/07/2014Dexterous hand with the right touch
  90. 08/07/2014Eye-guided wheelchair’s forward looking tech; Pepper the ‘moody’ robot
  91. 07/07/2014SCiO, the ‘sixth sense’ sensor
  92. 02/07/2014‘Hey, Ray, park my car!‘
  93. 30/06/2014Space balloon trips move closer
  94. 27/06/2014Helping humanoids to help humans
  95. 26/06/2014What the Elf is this – bike or car?
  96. 25/06/2014Recycled glass is not just green, it also pays off
  97. 18/06/20143D printers used to make aeroplanes
  98. 17/06/2014The Ultimate fuel and emission saving device
  99. 16/06/2014Crowdsourcing app could save lives
  100. 13/06/2014European Inventor Award 2014 live ceremony
  101. 12/06/2014Video games craze descends on City of Angels
  102. 04/06/2014Revealed – restoring caryatids in the Acropolis Museum
  103. 03/06/2014Radiosurgery advances in cancer treatments
  104. 02/06/2014Skype-like robot stands in as caregiver for elderly
  105. 27/05/2014Writing the future – will the tablet replace the pen?
  106. 26/05/2014Scanning liquids at airports
  107. 21/05/2014Robotic arm could be answer to space debris
  108. 20/05/2014Eco-marathon: extreme energy efficiency on the road
  109. 19/05/2014A magic carpet to guide your way
  110. 14/05/2014Sweden: Very handy palm payments system takes off
  111. 13/05/2014Demystifying solar energy
  112. 12/05/2014A helmet against depression
  113. 08/05/2014Rome’s pride revealed: Colosseum clean-up underway
  114. 07/05/2014Astronomy app’s popularity skyrockets
  115. 06/05/2014A driverless future
  116. 29/04/2014The car that reads your face: safer driving for the future
  117. 28/04/2014Reinventing the wheel
  118. 24/04/2014Smartphone-controlled box claimed to boost your car’s power and economy
  119. 23/04/2014Revolutions in bike design
  120. 22/04/2014Turning smog into diamonds
  121. 21/04/2014Glow in the dark roads
  122. 17/04/2014From sky to sea: drones hit the ocean
  123. 16/04/2014A jumping robot shows the role of Biomimetics in the future of automation
  124. 07/04/2014Could 3D corals save ecosystem?
  125. 02/04/2014Tired tyres stripped for a new life
  126. 01/04/2014Airlines start to look through the Google Glass
  127. 31/03/20143D printers make the jump to hyper-space, leaving the law behind
  128. 27/03/2014Deeply healthy – Israel builds an emergency underground hospital
  129. 26/03/2014E-waste: a lucrative but deadly business
  130. 25/03/2014Internet for all: is the answer in the sky? And the Vatican goes digital
  131. 24/03/2014Butterfly Houses for Filipino homeless
  132. 20/03/2014Robots for all your needs at Lyon’s Innorobo trade fair
  133. 18/03/2014Could bio-plastic be the answer to bottle woes?
  134. 17/03/2014A helping, robotic, hand at CeBIT
  135. 13/03/2014World Wide Web celebrates 25 years of existence
  136. 12/03/2014CeBit showcases ‘datability’
  137. 11/03/2014Speedy smartphones take to the roads at Geneva Motor Show
  138. 10/03/2014Conceived in Geneva
  139. 05/03/2014Projection project puts texts and emails on the tips of your fingers
  140. 04/03/2014Technology make Rio’s Carnival more fun and tracks your ski performance
  141. 03/03/2014Technology enthusiasts flock to mobile phone congress in Spain
  142. 27/02/2014Mobiles go low-cost at Barcelona congress
  143. 26/02/2014Predicting coastal erosion and flooding in changing climate times
  144. 24/02/2014Robotic sculpting to save cultural heritage
  145. 18/02/2014Open wide for dental high tech in Monaco
  146. 11/02/2014New generation solar panels
  147. 10/02/2014Making history and saving energy
  148. 05/02/2014Tailing dogs with new canine collars
  149. 04/02/2014Monitoring vital signs
  150. 30/01/2014Are you addicted to your smartphone?
  151. 28/01/2014Eye implants: from dark to light
  152. 22/01/2014Robot Rene spots autism faster
  153. 20/01/2014Holographic heart for better surgery
  154. 13/01/2014Smart armbands shine at CES
  155. 09/01/2014New smartphone case stuns CES visitors – literally!
  156. 08/01/2014All-electric Formula E unveiled in Las Vegas
  157. 07/01/2014Eco-friendly alternative to jet-ski and an intelligent farming robot
  158. 06/01/2014Fitness technology top tech tip for 2014
  159. 18/12/2013The end of roaming?
  160. 17/12/2013Masterclass in smartphone photography
  161. 13/12/2013Start-ups: the future of Middle East business
  162. 12/12/2013Middle Eastern startups the talk of Le Web 2013
  163. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with digital illusionist Marco Tempest
  164. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with Brady Forrest
  165. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp
  166. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with digital strategist Jeremy Brook
  167. 12/12/2013The voice is the future
  168. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with award-winning Ramez Naam
  169. 11/12/2013It’s all about interaction at Le Web 2013
  170. 11/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with Google Product VP Bradley Horowitz