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Latest hitech news from the world of technology & robotics. Latest computer news & sci-tech information will keep you at the cutting edge of technology issues & developments, all as a video on demand

Robot monk helps spread Buddhism in China

28/04 15:46 CET

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  22. 05/11/2015‘Welcome to Germany’ says new app for Syrian refugees
  23. 04/11/2015Amphibious caravan is the new luxury camping
  24. 03/11/2015Malmö – a smart city in the making
  25. 27/10/2015Music score app finishes page-turners
  26. 26/10/2015Robot fights wildfires while they’re small
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  32. 12/10/2015Australian technology transforms how farmers will manage fields
  33. 08/10/20153D scanning makes choosing lingerie easier, says Hong Kong store
  34. 07/10/2015Chile launches first electric car, ‘Soki’
  35. 07/10/2015Social networks: taking the law into your own hands
  36. 05/10/2015Cracked screens: the smartphone makers’ challenge
  37. 01/10/2015Electrolysed water the future for agriculture
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  46. 14/09/2015Fashion and technology merge to improve consumer experience
  47. 09/09/2015New “spider car” offers disabled access
  48. 08/09/2015Developers target video gamers at 2015 IFA
  49. 07/09/2015High tech extravaganza at Berlin’s IFA
  50. 02/09/2015Tech giants battle for supremacy at Berlin’s IFA show
  51. 01/09/2015Eurobike fair rides geek trend with smart cycling gadgets
  52. 31/08/2015Making a song and dance about robots in Russia
  53. 27/08/2015Print your own future fashion at home
  54. 26/08/2015Mobile phone firm targets older users with simple to use handsets
  55. 28/07/2015Making theatre personal – glasses that translate the dialogue
  56. 27/07/2015Wi-Fi in the clouds – Mount Fuji in Japan gets connected
  57. 23/07/2015Robot tries to unlock Giza pyramid’s secrets
  58. 22/07/2015The students who are changing children’s lives with 3D-printed limbs
  59. 22/07/2015Hands-free fob replaces front door keys
  60. 20/07/2015Solar-powered schoolbag life-changer for South African pupils
  61. 16/07/2015Chameleon smartpaint that reacts to temperature, light and pressure
  62. 15/07/20153D printed cars could hit roads as early as 2016
  63. 07/07/2015Smart robots galore at the ‘Innorobo’ show
  64. 06/07/2015The Eureka project: 30 years of research and innovation across borders
  65. 29/06/2015New app puts everyone on the map
  66. 23/06/2015RFID chips: a key to more or less freedom?
  67. 22/06/2015New app helps EU citizens settle in country of choice
  68. 18/06/2015Drones and electric planes at the Paris Air Show
  69. 17/06/2015Auschwitz museum brings in technology to enhance the past
  70. 16/06/2015Science, technology and medicine honoured at The European Inventors Awards in Paris
  71. 15/06/2015Paris Le Bourget Air Show 2015, live analysis
  72. 11/06/2015An artificial leg which can feel and reduce pain
  73. 10/06/2015Fixtures and fittings that keep the elderly secure and independent
  74. 09/06/2015Large Hadron Collider ready to embark on an unprecedented voyage of discovery
  75. 08/06/2015European Inventor Award 2015 ceremony
  76. 04/06/2015Mobile phone obsessives love viral cartoon
  77. 03/06/2015Bee rotor navigates like an insect
  78. 28/05/2015CES has Asian premiere in Shanghai
  79. 27/05/2015Estonian mobile bomb shelter can withstand NATO calibre shelling
  80. 25/05/2015Smartphone app could save lives during earthquake say inventors
  81. 20/05/2015Drones are perfect protectors for endangered elephants
  82. 18/05/2015Memory mirror does away with changing room hassles
  83. 13/05/2015Research identifies the stresses and strains placed on a dancers body
  84. 07/05/2015Future Food District: putting man back at the heart of the food chain
  85. 06/05/2015Robots help stroke victims regain use of arms
  86. 05/05/2015Augmented reality: the future of advertisement?
  87. 04/05/2015Move over microwave, here comes the 3D food printer
  88. 30/04/2015Game of drones: all you need to know before buying one
  89. 29/04/2015Volcanic mud could make ideal building material, scientists say
  90. 28/04/2015Will this huge scientific collaboration solve the world’s energy problem?
  91. 27/04/2015EU-funded smart city renovation in Spain not to everyone’s taste
  92. 21/04/2015Energy-generating clothes and smart lights join the Internet of Things
  93. 20/04/2015Chefs of the world unite! The robots are coming…
  94. 15/04/2015Getting in-touch with virtual reality via soundwaves
  95. 14/04/2015Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9: smartphones just got smarter
  96. 09/04/2015New aluminium battery cheaper and greener than lithium say developers
  97. 08/04/2015Liquid body armour proves to be bullet proof
  98. 07/04/2015The best in 3D dental care at Imagina in Monaco
  99. 06/04/2015Visit Europe’s first 3D-printed home in Amsterdam
  100. 02/04/2015Innovative smart device tells you when you’ve had enough sun
  101. 01/04/2015Electronic jewellery that changes with your tastes
  102. 31/03/2015Cold war erupts over the world’s smartest helmet
  103. 30/03/2015New app solves maths equations in seconds
  104. 26/03/2015Smart textile ready to boost performance sports wear market
  105. 25/03/2015Smart vest-wear tech helps the blind to walk unaided
  106. 24/03/2015Press to download: Robots readying to assemble near you
  107. 18/03/2015Digital business makes big inroads at CeBit
  108. 17/03/2015Internet banking: a hacker’s ideal target
  109. 16/03/2015Take a ride in this new eco-friendly electric watercraft
  110. 12/03/2015Smart bicycle vibrates to warn of danger
  111. 11/03/2015Ultrasonic technology could reveal cracks in planes and bridges
  112. 10/03/2015Drivers superfluous at Geneva Motor Show
  113. 09/03/2015Visa brings contactless purchases with your phone a swish nearer
  114. 05/03/2015Barcelona hosts mobile industry extravaganza
  115. 26/02/2015Drumming in thin air: invisible drum kit allows player to perform anywhere
  116. 25/02/2015Project Anywhere: an out-of-body experience of a new kind
  117. 18/02/2015Robot cuttlefish ready for underwater action
  118. 12/02/2015Paris jeweller uses 3D replicas to make unique luxury pieces
  119. 11/02/2015Implanted RFID chip controls office access for Stockholm workers
  120. 10/02/2015Mobile phone app helps Syrian refugees settle in Turkey
  121. 04/02/2015Smart glasses use 3D cameras to help visually impaired see
  122. 02/02/2015Share touch, smell and taste via the internet
  123. 02/02/2015Making the invisible visible
  124. 29/01/2015Meet the “green” snow cannon: Neve XN
  125. 28/01/2015Multiple uses for Hector the stick insect robot
  126. 27/01/2015Solar carport: using sunlight to make electric cars cheaper to run
  127. 26/01/2015Laser scanning trees
  128. 21/01/2015First 3D food printer nearly ready to make cupcakes
  129. 19/01/2015Brightening up a dark day: KaliPAK portable power plants
  130. 15/01/2015World’s first 3D-printed car is born in Detroit
  131. 12/01/2015Dress to impress: cottoning on to wearable technology
  132. 08/01/2015‘The Internet of Things’ dominates CES in Las Vegas
  133. 07/01/2015CES displays latest tech must-haves
  134. 05/01/2015Cleaner air con in cars thanks to innovative high-tech device
  135. 18/12/2014See, feel and smell the world like a bird with Birdly flight simulator
  136. 17/12/2014Putting a green twist on food packaging
  137. 16/12/2014Space technology beams down to Earth
  138. 15/12/2014LeWeb introduces high tech devices aimed at making everyday life easier
  139. 11/12/2014LeWeb: the digital world of tomorrow
  140. 10/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Brian Solis of Altimeter Group
  141. 10/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Duncan Osborn, Google Cultural Institute
  142. 10/12/2014LeWeb Paris: a forum for digital innovation
  143. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with X-Games winner Taïg Khris
  144. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with SoftTech VC founder Jeff Clavier
  145. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with BlaBlaCar founder Nicolas Brusson
  146. 09/12/2014Pollutec: Green tech for a changing world
  147. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with co-founder Thierry Petit
  148. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Yahoo Senior VP of Communication Products Jeff Bonforte
  149. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with CEO Shehzad Daredia
  150. 09/12/2014LeWeb 2014: hanging out with Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings
  151. 05/12/2014Baku International Telecoms and IT fair marks 20th edition
  152. 04/12/2014Come Hangout with leading tech pioneers at LeWeb 2014!
  153. 02/12/2014New Airbus design offers toilet facilities for passengers with reduced mobility
  154. 01/12/2014Bright sparks devise charging point solution for electric cars
  155. 27/11/2014Passwords test memory
  156. 25/11/2014Shapeshifting houses and inflatable incubators for humanitarian use
  157. 24/11/2014Smartphones that recognise hand gestures just around the corner
  158. 20/11/2014New York: new technology
  159. 19/11/2014‘Back to the Future’ hoverboard fantasy becomes reality
  160. 18/11/2014Cloud computing: pros and cons
  161. 17/11/2014Shop ‘til you drop and solve any maths problem instantly with new app
  162. 13/11/2014Ambulance drone could help save lives, says inventor
  163. 12/11/2014Energy-efficient street lights could be a ‘smart’ way to cut carbon emissions
  164. 11/11/2014Dublin’s tech Web Summit attracts record crowds
  165. 10/11/2014Laser technology gives priceless Vatican artworks a face-lift
  166. 07/11/2014German film-maker offers time-travel app for augmented reality experience
  167. 05/11/2014ScratchJr – Teaching pre-school kids how to write computer code
  168. 04/11/2014The 4K TV sets are out, but content needs to follow
  169. 03/11/2014The Aeromobil: living the flying car dream
  170. 30/10/2014China’s share of connected devices market grows