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  • WHO says potential Ebola vaccine manufacturers have made commitments for affordable prices – Reuters
  • German Chancellor Merkel urged Russian President Putin to support a quick solution to Moscow’s gas row with Ukraine – Reuters
  • Russian President Putin says global and regional security system has been weakened – Reuters
  • Hundreds of thousands of Ebola vaccines doses will be ready by the first half of 2015, says the World Health Organisation – Reuters
  • Tunisian forces killed six people after a standoff with an Islamist militant group on the outskirts of Tunis – Reuters
  • Poland lodges request with European Court of Human Rights for review of judgment in CIA prisons case – Reuters
  • French fighter jets destroyed 12 buildings in Iraq holding weapons under control of Islamic State militants
  • NATO: Russia still has some troops in eastern Ukraine despite a partial withdrawal – Reuters
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Bots in the skies: South Korean robot designed to fly

23/10 17:20 CET

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  39. 25/03/2014Internet for all: is the answer in the sky? And the Vatican goes digital
  40. 24/03/2014Butterfly Houses for Filipino homeless
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  52. 26/02/2014Predicting coastal erosion and flooding in changing climate times
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  54. 18/02/2014Open wide for dental high tech in Monaco
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  56. 10/02/2014Making history and saving energy
  57. 05/02/2014Tailing dogs with new canine collars
  58. 04/02/2014Monitoring vital signs
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  62. 20/01/2014Holographic heart for better surgery
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  64. 09/01/2014New smartphone case stuns CES visitors – literally!
  65. 08/01/2014All-electric Formula E unveiled in Las Vegas
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  68. 18/12/2013The end of roaming?
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  70. 13/12/2013Start-ups: the future of Middle East business
  71. 12/12/2013Middle Eastern startups the talk of Le Web 2013
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  74. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with Birchbox co-founder Katia Beauchamp
  75. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with digital strategist Jeremy Brook
  76. 12/12/2013The voice is the future
  77. 12/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with award-winning Ramez Naam
  78. 11/12/2013It’s all about interaction at Le Web 2013
  79. 11/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with Google Product VP Bradley Horowitz
  80. 11/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with Blip co-founder Dina Kaplan
  81. 11/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe
  82. 11/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with World Champion Kiteboarder Jesse Richman
  83. 11/12/2013LeWeb 2013: hanging out with communications coach Carmine Gallo
  84. 11/12/2013Le Web: next decade’s key tech trends
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  89. 10/12/2013Say goodbye to lost luggage
  90. 05/12/2013Come Hang Out with leading tech pioneers at LeWeb 2013!
  91. 05/12/2013Titan the robot, smart houses and an interactive blackboard at Baku tech innovation show
  92. 04/12/2013Flying car of the future
  93. 03/12/2013Drones to save and change lives
  94. 02/12/2013South Africa launches new digital laser
  95. 26/11/2013The serious message of Serious Games
  96. 25/11/2013Biometrics move on
  97. 21/11/2013South Africa gets “smart villages”
  98. 20/11/2013Doctors “beamed up” by robots
  99. 18/11/2013Performance enhancing data the next goal for football trainers
  100. 13/11/2013Poland tests coal gasification
  101. 12/11/2013Phone apps reach out to women in need
  102. 05/11/2013Hotel boasts ecological credentials, claims to be South Africa’s greenest
  103. 04/11/2013Online university courses on the rise
  104. 31/10/2013Giant mirrors shed winter sunlight on Norwegian town of Rjukan
  105. 28/10/2013Achieving the inconceivable: Vladivostok’s record-breaking bridge
  106. 23/10/2013Computing for the silver generation
  107. 18/10/2013Closing the digital divide
  108. 17/10/2013“Green wood” alternative to hardwood
  109. 15/10/2013Drone-assisted archeology
  110. 10/10/2013New automated driving technology
  111. 08/10/2013African inventor makes 3D printer from scrap
  112. 07/10/2013ISS to get new 3-D printer
  113. 03/10/2013Algae-powered building
  114. 01/10/2013State-of-the art wine – with satellites and drones!
  115. 30/09/2013Smog-eating buildings
  116. 25/09/2013World’s smallest microscope in a needle
  117. 23/09/2013Turning waste into gas
  118. 19/09/2013Green walls to fight pollution
  119. 18/09/2013Driverless cars on the streets by 2020
  120. 16/09/2013100% electric Model S gets rave reviews
  121. 12/09/2013Electric show of technical innovation in Berlin.
  122. 10/09/2013Green machines set to supplant manual labourers
  123. 09/09/2013The dry tale of watertight fabrics
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  131. 24/07/2013Developing self-destructing mobile phones
  132. 17/07/20133D printing creates model of baby in womb
  133. 16/07/2013Innovative and eco-friendly: the office of the future
  134. 11/07/2013Mobile gaming booms in China
  135. 04/07/2013Seeing the world through Google’s eyes
  136. 24/06/2013Bend it like a replicant – RoboCup kicks off
  137. 19/06/2013Flying bike gets off the ground
  138. 17/06/2013Driven to distraction
  139. 13/06/2013Lift to the new urban skies
  140. 11/06/2013Old computer, new life
  141. 10/06/2013LeWeb London champions ‘Sharing Economy’
  142. 10/06/2013Rise of the Robots
  143. 06/06/2013Amsterdam – where car-sharing is a gouda idea
  144. 06/06/2013Making meditation and yoga more flexible
  145. 06/06/2013Hire fashion, lower costs
  146. 06/06/2013The Altimeter Group’s new way for companies to fly high
  147. 06/06/2013Taking new business to another Level
  148. 06/06/2013On Campus – where start-ups learn how to grow
  149. 06/06/2013Computex offers a glimpse of the future
  150. 04/06/2013European Inventor Award 2013
  151. 03/06/2013Mind-controlled robot moves closer to reality
  152. 28/05/2013Rise of the virtual currency
  153. 27/05/2013Inter-facing up to the future
  154. 21/05/2013Focusing on the future
  155. 16/05/2013It’s revolutionized shopping, dummy
  156. 15/05/2013Wi-fi makes room for li-fi
  157. 14/05/2013Proton therapy gives cancer hope
  158. 13/05/2013Shrinking the pacemaker
  159. 08/05/2013New noise cancellation technology
  160. 07/05/2013Crystal clear: behind the LCD screen
  161. 02/05/2013Cleaner robots blast hospital bugs
  162. 01/05/2013Smart floor that recognises individual footfalls
  163. 23/04/2013Can a lie detector lie?
  164. 22/04/2013Internal bracelet cures acid reflux
  165. 18/04/2013Building with moon dust
  166. 16/04/2013Measuring with shadows
  167. 11/04/2013Hi-def TV on the horizon
  168. 08/04/2013The bracelet that watches what you drink
  169. 04/04/2013The long wait is over
  170. 03/04/2013Written on the wind – the future of texting?
  171. 02/04/2013Swiss sets sights on miniscule atomic clock
  172. 01/04/2013Turin police use spies in the sky to fight crime
  173. 26/03/2013Phishing – don’t take the bait
  174. 26/03/2013Europe’s need for a little clarity on Big Data
  175. 21/03/2013The Galileo constellation
  176. 20/03/2013Automated aid
  177. 18/03/2013Painting for change
  178. 14/03/2013Mopping up oil spills
  179. 13/03/2013CeBIT innovations
  180. 12/03/2013CeBIT: Sharing makes sense at Cebit
  181. 07/03/2013European innovation powers on
  182. 06/03/2013Wireless car charging
  183. 05/03/2013Smart moves at the Mobile World Congress
  184. 04/03/2013New hope for AMD sufferers
  185. 28/02/2013Battle of the operating systems at Mobile World Congress
  186. 26/02/2013Imagina in Monaco
  187. 25/02/2013Forecasting crime
  188. 21/02/2013World gets first look at Google Glass
  189. 20/02/2013The tablet-controlled driverless car
  190. 19/02/2013Hooked on Facebook: social media addiction
  191. 13/02/2013Printed prosthetics
  192. 12/02/2013Meet Rex – the world’s first real bionic man
  193. 12/02/2013Apps, tablets and the internet invade toyland
  194. 07/02/2013Badminton Robot
  195. 04/02/2013Telephone lie detector traps benefit frauds
  196. 30/01/2013Peugeot- Citroën’s air-powered hybrid
  197. 29/01/2013Virtopsies revolutionise the morgue
  198. 24/01/2013New technology for old houses
  199. 22/01/2013Santander gets smart
  200. 21/01/2013Hi-tech art restoration
  201. 15/01/2013CES wrapped up in computers
  202. 10/01/2013Big TVs are king at 46th CES
  203. 09/01/2013Newest gadgets displayed
  204. 08/01/20132012 – a boom year for mobile and tablets apps
  205. 08/01/2013How wallpaper could save earthquake victims
  206. 07/01/2013Swiss scientists bend Caustic Effect to their will
  207. 20/12/2012Paralysed woman feeds herself with robotic arm
  208. 19/12/2012The eyes have it: text to a contact lens
  209. 18/12/2012Smart coaching
  210. 17/12/2012Make your own mini-me
  211. 11/12/2012The Internet of Things
  212. 10/12/2012LeWeb 12: where the physical and virtual merge
  213. 05/12/2012The million dollar made to order robot
  214. 04/12/2012Follow the Innovation Road
  215. 03/12/2012Pollutec, shopwindow for a cleaner world
  216. 27/11/2012From idea to prototype
  217. 15/11/2012Automapper gets there first
  218. 14/11/2012Intelligent tyres
  219. 13/11/2012The computer printer at the heart of the matter
  220. 08/11/2012Urban Farms in Berlin
  221. 30/10/2012The serious business of Serious Games
  222. 29/10/2012Stable and safe an electric motorbike with car comforts
  223. 25/10/2012New future at fingertips for amputees
  224. 22/10/2012No more problems with parking
  225. 09/10/2012A future for happy feet?
  226. 01/10/2012Water proofing for electronic equipment
  227. 25/09/2012Hackers steer a new route – to your car
  228. 19/09/2012Zoom on cameras at Photokina
  229. 17/09/2012How plastic bottles can heat your home
  230. 13/09/2012Airbus ‘eco climb’ would be cheaper and quieter
  231. 28/08/2012Getting to grips with an artificial finger
  232. 01/08/2012Self-cleaning buildings
  233. 26/07/2012Tate and Google team up for new art project
  234. 10/07/2012Tungstène – the fake photo finder
  235. 02/07/2012Shoe designed to win
  236. 19/06/2012Bright minds win big prizes at the Inventor Awards
  237. 12/06/2012Easy listening
  238. 07/06/2012Big three players unveil gaming novelties at E3
  239. 06/06/2012The lifesaving device that can smell cancer
  240. 31/05/2012Taming the tide: wave energy
  241. 24/05/2012House moving the hard way
  242. 21/05/2012The bottom line for mobility
  243. 02/05/2012Game on for eye tracking technology
  244. 12/04/2012Look no hands! Brainpower keeps chess in check
  245. 09/04/2012Virtual cinema
  246. 27/03/2012Ideal Home Show: light ‘n’ sound pods to smell-bots
  247. 16/01/2012New Wii will rock you
  248. 12/12/2011New ash cloud detector could spell less passenger chaos
  249. 02/11/2011Portuguese researchers resurrect the airship
  250. 26/10/2011Let the brain take the strain
  251. 20/10/2011Internet data: travelling light
  252. 22/09/2011A car with no driver
  253. 31/08/2011Gaming addiction, the reality
  254. 25/07/2011Korea’s digital schoolbook drive
  255. 16/06/2011Belgium launches Europe’s first solar train
  256. 14/06/2011Loudspeakers to reduce aircraft noise
  257. 30/05/2011A big hand for Austria’s bionic arm
  258. 19/05/2011A chip to power the bionic eye system
  259. 19/04/2011Meet the man behind high-speed internet
  260. 14/02/2011Surgery without a scalpel
  261. 11/01/2011Bologna curbs traffic by improving urban mobility