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Chinese stock meltdown and Windows 10 debut

Chinese stock meltdown and Windows 10 debut
By Euronews

China’s stock market crash has been largely overshadowed in the headlines here by the Greek crisis in Europe.

But that doesn’t mean it’s less important. On the contrary – many say this crash might have a greater impact on the world economy than the crisis in Greece.

We analyse what exactly has been happening in China, not only over the last month, but over the last few years, to find out whether the plunge is just an ordinary correction after a year of big gains, or if it’s the first sign of deeper problems in the Chinese economy.

Finally, our IT-dedicated segment is focused on the launch of Windows 10. Microsoft’s latest venture promises many things, but also raises many questions.

When will you be able to get our hands on it? Is it really available as a free update for everyone, even for pirated copies? Is it true that it won’t be available on DVD? Follow the Business Line to find out!