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european affairs

  1. 1#ن: How an Arabic letter was reclaimed to support Iraq’s persecuted Christians | euronews, world news
  2. 2Ellen MacArthur: making waves on a journey to a circular economy | euronews, the global conversation
  3. 3Air Algerie loses contact with plane from Ouagadougou to Algiers | euronews, world news
  4. 4Putin T-Shirts flying off the shelves at Moscow megastore | euronews, world news
  5. 5Malta opera star Joseph Calleja’s summer concert draws big crowd | euronews, le mag
  6. 6Moscow claims Ukrainian jet flew close to Malaysian airliner | euronews, world news
  7. 7Everything you need to know about the Ebola virus | euronews, world news
  8. 8Massive Swedish forest fire is declared a national emergency | euronews, world news
  9. 9Hong Kong gets smart on mobility | euronews, urban visions
  10. 10Portugal hopes to become a pensioner’s paradise with zero tax offer | euronews, reporter
  11. 11Beyond the subconscious | euronews, futuris
  12. 12Eastern Ukrainians ‘hate Russian-led guerrillas’ — Arseniy Yatsenyuk | euronews, interview
  13. 13Iceland warns Europe’s airlines of possible volcanic eruption | euronews, world news
  14. 14Romania buys into bitcoin big time | euronews, corporate
  15. 15Poland wants compensation from the EU for Russian import ban | euronews, world news
  16. 16A robot that grows | euronews, futuris
  17. 17Man, 27, fails in suicide bid after tigers reject chance to eat him | euronews, world news
  18. 18EU’s Russia sanctions doing more harm than good says Hungary’s PM Orban | euronews, world news
  19. 19Turkey’s women have the last laugh | euronews, world news
  20. 20Greek farmers suffer in economic war between Russia and EU | euronews, economy

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