Catalonia threatens to overshadow EU summit

In Brussels, amid a crisis at home.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy arrives for a two-day EU summit – with Catalonia weighing heavy on his mind.

His government locking horns, as the region threatens to go ahead with a formal declaration of independence.

15’‘ – 36’‘ SOT Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

“We are taking a very close look at Catalonia and are supporting the position of the Spanish government, which happens to be supported by all major political parties in Spain. We are very concerned and hope there will be solutions based on the Spanish Constitution.”

36’‘ – 46’‘ Arrival Macron

Catalonia threatens to overshadow the summit, which has a weighty menu of Brexit, migration and foreign policy.

France’s president says unity has to prevail.

46’‘ – 1’08’‘ SOT Emmanuel Macron, French President

“This European Council will be marked by a message of unity, unity around our member states in the face of the crises they may experience, unity around Spain, and a very strong unity in the Brexit debate. We’re all united on the interests and ambitions of negotiator Michel Barnier.”

1’08’‘ – 1’18’‘ Arrival Thersa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May wantes to advance the Brexit negotiations, but EU leaders have ruled that out amid the continuing row over the tab for the divorce.

1’18’‘ – 1’48’‘ SOT Theresa May, British Prime Minister

“This Council is about taking stock. It’s also about looking ahead to how we can tackle the challegens thate we all share across Europe. That means of course continuous cooperation, cooperation which must be at the heart of the strong future partnership that we want to build together. Of course we’ll be also looking at the concrete progress we made in our exit negotiations and at setting out ambitious plans for the weeks ahead. I particularly for example want to see an urgency in reaching an agreement on citizen rights.”

OUT 1’48’‘ – 1’59’‘

There’ll be lots of talk about the Europe of the future – a Europe picking up the pieces after the UK says au revoir.
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