Under investigation for sedition: top Catalan officials in court

Senior officers from Catalonia’s regional police force, including chief Josep-Lluis Trapero, have appeared in Spain’s National Court in Madrid.

They are being investigated for sedition following demonstrations in Barcelona in which members of the Guardia Civil force were imprisoned in their building and their cars damaged. Guardia Civil agents have been accused by some of using undue violence to disrupt the Catalan independence referendum.

Fire fighters join crowds in Barcelona protesting at the violence of the Guardia Civil during the Referedum vote. pic.twitter.com/ZTkmHSYv3U— Grouse Beater (@Grouse_Beater) October 3, 2017These acts which carry a potential sentence of 15 years in prison. The court has the power to place all the suspects in provisional custody.

Separatist leaders

Also under investigation are Jordi Sanchez, head of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), and Jordi Cuixart, head of Omnium Cultural.

Thanks for your solidarity https://t.co/7F6w1G4B6Y— Jordi Cuixart (@jcuixart) October 4, 2017These separatist leaders claim to have won 90% of the vote in the recent referendum with a turnout of 42.3%, and are said to be considering a unilateral declaration of independence.

The Spanish government does not recognize the vote and the courts have declared it to be unconstitutional.
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