'Employee of the yeast': London brewery is hiring a professional beer taster

A brewery in London is currently hiring a ‘beer sommelier’.

The Meantime Brewing Company has posted an offer for what “could just be the best job in the world”.

The part-time role includes tasting different kinds of beer, such as lager, ale or stout, for three hours a week every Friday morning.

The company hasn’t disclosed the exact salary yet but has promised “beer benefits” to the successful candidate.

He or she will “join the panel brewers as they taste, discuss and pass opinion on a range of different beers”.

The job is not all about good taste. To be qualified, candidates should not only have a passion for beer but also have an understanding of its market and terminology.

Applicants should write a post on LinkedIn describing why they deserve the job and include the hashtag #pickmemeantime. A shortlist of three candidates will barrel along to a final tasting test.

If only I could get paid to drink beer you say. Now hiring a Beer Taster! https://t.co/jS8TPupjdX LinkedInUK #pickmemeantime #LinkedInJobs pic.twitter.com/a9arl5A4mu

— Meantime Brewing Co. (MeantimeBrewing) September 29, 2017
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