North Korea: Trump and Kim trade "'mad men" insults as war of words intensifies

Donald Trump has hit back after North Korea’s leader called him “deranged”.

Kim Jong-un had said the US president would “pay dearly” following new sanctions on his country and a UN speech where he threatened to “totally destroy” the north.

But responding in an early morning tweetstorm, Trump branded his North Korean rival a madman promising to test him “like never before”

Earlier Kim insisted Trump’s remarks had convinced him to continue with the North’s weapons programme.

He also threatened to retaliate at the “highest level”

The extraordinary exchange of insults prompted calls for calm from both Russia and China, with Beijing saying the situation is “complicated and sensitive”

North Korea’s foreign minster has suggested Pyongyang could soon test a powerful nuclear weapon in the Pacific.

On Wednesday President Trump signed an executive order aimed at choking off North Korea’s economy in bid to halt the secretive state’s atomic ambitions.
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