Fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games: Turkmenistan's women strike gold

Hello and welcome from Ashgabat.

The highlight of the fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games is one of the oldest sports on the planet: belt wrestling!”

For the first time, one of the most popular events in Central Asia sports was included in the AIMAG program. The rules are simple – athletes try to throw each other by wrestling with a belt hold. Turkmenistan’s women’s team won five gold medals in freestyle belt wrestling on the third day of the Games. So far, the best result.

Belt Wrestling, Billiards, Athletics, Kurash, Taekwondo,Weightlifting…lots happening today! Full schedule – #AIMAG— Ashgabat 2017 (@Ashgabat_2017) 20 September 2017

Nasiba Surkieva is the coach of the Turkmen women team as well as a wrestler. On Tuesday won gold. Doing two jobs at a time is a big challenge, says Nasiba.

“On one hand, I cheer my athletes on, I support them. But on the other I have to concentrate myself. Girls come to me asking: “Coach can you help me.” I get nervous because when you try to concentrate it is better not to talk to anyone, because you lose the state of mind that you are searching for. But I manage to deal with it.”

Tuesday at #Ashgabat2017 finishes with the host nation holding place atop the medal standings, with 89 total medals – and 37 golds.#AIMAG— Ashgabat 2017 (@Ashgabat_2017) 19 September 2017

Zuhra Madraimova is a legend in Turkmenistan. On Tuesday she won the third gold medal for her country. The first two medals were in another category – traditional wrestling.

“I have had great support from everyone, my family, friends, says Madraimova.

“And of course I am so happy, because I know that the gold is mine!”
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