Miro show in Lisbon presents 60 years of artist's work

Lisbon is holding a major exhibition of works by Spanish master Joan Miro, in the Ajuda National Palace.

“Peinture et poésie se font comme on fait l’amour, unéchange de sang, une étreinte total. Le grand saut, à chaque fois.” #JoanMiro #Art pic.twitter.com/HARoyPPyCJ— Anieska✏️ (@Anieska) 26 août 2017They are all works acquired by the Portuguese state. The exhibition is entitled “Materiality and Metamorphosis”, and covers six decades of work, from around 1921

until 1981.

Constellation: The Morning Star #joanmiro #miro pic.twitter.com/AGuxD2CKuI— Joan Miro (@artist_miro) 7 septembre 2017The show focuses in particular on the transformation of the pictorial languages that the Catalan artist began to develop in the 1920’s. Miro’s drawings, paintings, gluing techniques and work in tapestry are discussed, observing in detail his visual thoughts, the way he worked with sensations.

The Vegetable Garden with Donkey https://t.co/PPEHqTeTkD #miro #joanmiro pic.twitter.com/iT4aNz49VP— Joan Miro (@artist_miro) 5 septembre 2017“Once he develops a language, a visual language, he can use that visual language the way we use our own language. We create new meanings and new syntax by building from one language to the next. One of the things, as the curator, I want the public to do is look very closely at the images,” said the show’s curator, Robert Lubar Messeri.

Portrait of a Spanish Dancer #joanmiro #miro pic.twitter.com/qvsOF39aVj— Joan Miro (@artist_miro) 4 septembre 2017Miro experimented with tactile and optical effects, and his creative processes and preparation are also examined. The exhibition runs until January 8.

Self-Portrait I #surrealism #joanmiro pic.twitter.com/OaMaTSVgl7— Joan Miro (@artist_miro) 16 août 2017
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