Lisbon ramps up security after vehicle attacks in Europe

They are perhaps not the most attractive feature of Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, but the Portuguese authorities are hoping that these concrete security barriers will help prevent the type of vehicle attack recently seen elsewhere in Europe.

Magnus, a Norwegian tourist seemed skeptical about the value of the barriers: “It will stop cars but you can’t prevent all these acts that happened so far, it’s just so easy to go around, you can’t stop every person, every single person, so I think it’s a good thing so you don’t have cars running over”.

I don’t get why Las Rambas didn’t have concrete security barriers tho. The car travelled a long way. It’s a very busy/famous shoping area.— Paulie (@paulie_paulie) August 17, 2017

Still a safe destination?

Despite this, Portugal is still considered to be one of the world’s safest tourist destinations, and, at 3/5, the government is keeping the country’s threat level at moderate.

Tourism accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP and is a major source of employment.

Global trend

Concrete barriers look set to become more of a feature at tourist sites across the globe, with London installing them on three bridges following terror attacks in the spring.

Understand the need but London bridges with these concrete security barriers look so ugly and unpleasant 😔— Leandro (@astro_leandro) August 19, 2017
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