Catalan police kill five terror suspects in Cambrils

Catalan police have killed five terror suspects and in a shootout in Cambrils, where they were carrying out a counter-terror operation following Thursday’s attack in Barcelona.

Authorities said that police stopped a second van attack that was planned in the coastal town, after an earlier one in Barcelona.

It appears the attackers had tried to replicate the Barcelona attack by driving into people with a van, leaving them injured.

Police said the assailants were wearing explosive vests.

Six civilians and one policeman were injured in the attack in the coastal resort, which lies 120km to the south of Barcelona.

Police operation in #Cambrils for possible terrorist attack. If you are now in #Cambrils avoid going out. Stay home, stay safe— Mossos (@mossos) 17 August 2017

We work with the hypothesis that the incident of #Cambrils respond to a terrorist attack. We have shot down the perpetrators— Mossos (@mossos) 18 August 2017

Police are now investigating a possible link between the incidents in Cambrils and Barcelona and an explosion at a house in the town of Alconar.

While the blast was initial thought to be the result of a gas leak, it was later reveal the residence was being used to build bombs.
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