Eurozone's GDP growth outlook rosier, eastern members catching up

The eurozone posted GDP growth of 0.6% in the second quarter of 2017, and while the euro’s inexorable rise against the dollar this year has put some strain on exporters, prospects are looking unusually rosy.

Both the Czech and Polish currencies jumped on Wednesday after strong economic growth data smashed forecasts, and emerging European market stocks rose to a one-week high as tensions between North Korea and the United States eased.

More Countries Join the #Euro-Area #Recovery Bandwagon #economics #France #Germany #Italy #Spain #Europe #Eurozone— Julien S. Halfon (@HalfonJulien) 16 août 2017The latter trend is especially welcome as proof that the EU can spread new wealth around for all members.

#Eurozone #GDP averaged 1.97% yoy since 2015. Hence, “BELOW, BUT CLOSE TO, 2%” #ECB #target #inflation— Stefan Mellin (@stefanmellin) 16 août 2017
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