10 Masterpieces from the Forbidden City

“The Forbidden City in Monaco, Imperial Court Life in China” at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco celebrates the splendor of the last Chinese imperial dynasty.

A magnificent exhibition comprising 250 rare pieces, some of which had never left China, to discover the splendor of court life under the emperors of the last dynasty, the Qing (1644-1911). The impressive selection is complemented by remarkable loans from such prestigious European collections as the Musée du Louvre in Paris or the British Museum in London.

We have made a selection of 10 msaterpieces representative the very best of this exhibition into the Forbidden City and the history of the last dynasty of China.

1- Ceremonial Armours

18th Century

2- Armillary Sphere

18th Century

3- Royal Portraits

From the 16th to the 20th Century

4- Throne room

“Paying respect to the Son of Heaven”

5- The Antiques and Porcelain Cabinet

From 1600 BC to the 20th Century

6- Mandchu Throne, Staghorns and Rosewood

17th Century

7- Bodhisattva, 18th Century and Goddess of Longevity, 18th Century

8- Bronze and Enamel Elephant

18th Century

9- The sixteen Luohans Panels

18th Century

10- Model of the Temple of Heaven

18th Century

On display in Monaco until the 10th of September 2017.
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