Ceasefire for Syria's southwest

A US, Russian and Jordanian brokered ceasefire for parts of southwest Syria comes into force after months of negotiations between the three countries.

Officials say the details of the deal are still to be thrashed out.

The areas covered by the truce are Daraa, Quneitra and Suwayda.

Outlawed factions such as al-Qaeda may well refuse to abide by the move and continue to cause havoc.

Russia says forces loyal to the Assad regime will adhere to the ceasefire,

The United States have made it plain that Assad or any of his family have no place in Syria’s long-term future.

Homs ‘the cradle of the revolution’ in Syria back under Assad’s controlhttps://t.co/f1lPIYkbc6 pic.twitter.com/n9SGBcMtBC— ITV News (@itvnews) May 15, 2017The US and Russia agreed to a similar break in the fighting last year, but that soon disintegrated.

The Syrian civil conflict is now into its sixth year.

SBIED attack in #Syria‘s #Hama Masyaf killed 3 people, in the second such attack in the city this week pic.twitter.com/Y5iagf5rn2— Wcn Conflict News (@NewsWcn) July 6, 2017
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