US-backed troops advance into Raqqah's Old City

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has breached the Old City of Raqqah.

A statement from the Combined Joint Task Force says the Kurdish-led troops battling ISIL have advanced into the Old City’s most heavily fortified area after opening two gaps in the historic wall surrounding it.

The statement says making new gaps in the wall allowed troops avoid ISIL booby traps which had been placed along existing breaks in the wall.

#SDF gains foothold into #Raqqa Old City, another step closer to #DefeatDaesh. #ISIS‘ self-declared “caliphate” is crumbling.— OIR Spokesman (@OIRSpox) July 4, 2017ISIS on the run: Closing in on #Raqqa— IKON London Magazine (@Ikoniclondon) July 3, 2017
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