New South Wales to fly Aboriginal flags permanently for first time

After more than two centuries of appalling neglect Australia is trying to make amends for

its treatment of the country’s original inhabitants, the Aborigines.

‘Bush Plum Leaves’ 151 × 92 cm. 2016

Gracie Morton Pwerle #aboriginal #art #painting #Australia #artwork #popart— AAA Gallery (@aaa_gallery) 27 juin 2017

The latest gesture towards reconciliation involves official recognition of the Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islands flags in New South Wales. From now on they will fly alongside the state and national flags

in the capital, Sydney.

Last days Anna Petyarre, Rivers of the Desert #Indigenous #artist #Aboriginal #art— JapingkaAboriginalAG (@JapingkaGallery) 25 juin 2017

“These flags representing the oldest living cultures in the world will now fly proudly alongside our

national and state flags. This I think is a significant and an emotional moment,” said New South

Wales Governor David Hurley.

Meet Gerry Turpin, who is saving ancient Indigenous knowledge from being lost forever— Indigenous Australia (@IndigenousAU) 12 juin 2016

There remains a long way to go, however. The Aboriginal community struggles with unemployment,

alcohol and drug abuse, poor housing and education, and abiding racial prejudice.

The aboriginal people of Australia were categorised as animals by the British invader in an attempt to wipe them out.— Crimes of Britain (@crimesofbrits) 23 juillet 2015
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