Fayrouz gives glimpse of upcoming album

Lebanese musical icon Fayrouz, arguably one of the most celebrated Arab singers, revealed on social media a sneak peak of her newest album to be released this fall.

Fayrouz, born Nouhad Haddad in 1934, plans to release Bebalee on September 22. The album puts an end to a musical drought which began seven years ago after the release of her last album “Eh Fi Amal”.

On social media, Fayrouz unveiled a snippet of her latest single “Lameen” which is available for purchase on itunes.

“Lameen” first single out NOW https://t.co/fv8Jp5e0E1

“Lameen” is based on the original work “Pour qui veille… https://t.co/LJqpbUQnG2— Fayrouz (@FayrouzOfficial) June 20, 2017

The song is inspired by the original work “Pour qui veille l’étoile” written by Pierre Delanoë and composed by Louis Amade and Gilbert Bécaud. The song was arranged by Steve Sidwell and Lameen’s lyrics were adapted by Reema Rhabany, according to a post on Fayrouz’s Facebook.

Rhabany is Fayrouz’s daughter.

On social media, news of the upcoming album prompted a flurry of excitement.

pic.twitter.com/a9Fmw7sOf2— Mohammed Al-Jufairi (@Halawala) June 20, 2017

pic.twitter.com/AlxR1DkGTJ— Chef Chenko (@Deeb_bro) June 20, 2017

funny how much little words from this voice could brings nostalgic feelings. 💙— AL (@Aladdin_Basha) June 21, 2017

Fayrouz became an internationally recognised singer in the 1970s after touring in North America. Her musical career spans more than half a century and includes theatre, cinema, mini operas and television appearances.

She starting making music at an early age as a school pupil. He career took off in the late 1950s when she began collaborating with Assi and Mansour Rahbani, two Lebanese composers, musicians and songwriters.

Over the span of her career, Fayrouz released more than 800 songs.
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