Watch: European Inventor Award honours the minds behind cutting-edge innovation

The prestigious European Inventor Award will take place on June 15, 2017 to celebrate the people behind the innovations that are changing lives.

Launched by the EPI in 2006 the award pays tribute to the passionate individuals and teams whose scientific, creative and intellectual skills are contributing to global growth and progress. It aims to encourage innovation by giving inventors recognition and incentivising future winners. In 2017 the 12th edition of the European Inventor Award will take place in Venice, Italy.

The nominees are first put forward by the public, then EPO experts and an independent international jury evaluate the innovations based on technical originality as well as economic and social impact.

2017 finalists


Lars Liljeryd (Sweden) – Digital audio compression

Giuseppe Remuzzi, Ariela Benigni, Carlamaria Zoja (Italy) – Treatments for chronic kidney disease

Jan van den Boogaart and Oliver Hayden (Netherlands, Austria) – Rapid blood test for malaria


Hans Clevers (Netherlands) – Lab-grown human organs (organoids)

Laurent Lestarquit, José Ángel Ávila Rodríguez and team (France, Spain) – Radio signals for better satellite navigation

Sylviane Muller (France) – Treating lupus by targeting T-cells

Non-EPO countries

James G. Fujimoto, Eric A. Swanson and Robert Huber (USA, Germany) – High resolution medical imaging (OCT)

Waleed Hassanein (USA) – Sustaining transplant organs

Adnane Remmal (Morocco) – Boosting antibiotics with essential oils

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Gert-Jan Gruter (Netherlands) – Plant-based plastic bottles

Günter Hufschmid (Germany) – Super-sponge for oil spills

Steve Lindsey (United Kingdom) – Energy-saving rotary air compressor

Lifetime achievement

Elmar Mock (Switzerland) – Swatch, ultrasound welding and more

Rino Rappuoli (Italy) – Novel vaccines by gene analysis

Axel Ullrich (Germany) – Stopping cancer at the root
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