Virtual Reality report: how climate change is affecting Europe now

In the north, reindeer are starving. In the south, nature reserves are turning into deserts. This isn’t a dystopian future but the reality of the present. All over Europe climate change is forcing humans and animals to adapt or abandon their homes.

To understand what all the politicians’ speeches and news reports actually mean when they talk about climate change, Euronews invites you to travel the length and breadth of Europe in this virtual reality experience. What is happening and what is being done to prevent the worst consequences?

Inside the experience, you can watch seven different reports, either with a VR headset or through your normal browser on computer, tablet or phone.

You can choose your destinations by looking at the icons on the map or by hovering the round cursor on them.

On a desktop browser, you can enter full screen mode by clicking on the glasses.

You can watch reports about

The increasing desertification of Spanish wetlands

How Italian glaciers are retreating

The scientists working to ensure French wine-supremacy in a changed climate

The dykes that keep 12 million Dutch people safe

Hamburg’s new waterfront district that is built beyond its flood defences

The thousands of reindeer that are starving in Sweden

The “Doomsday Vault” in Svalbard meant to save humanity if the worst should happen.

Please use Wi-Fi and headphones for the best experience
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