Traveling the world with Steve McCurry

“Travelling and taking photos, seeing the world in which we live: I can’t imagine a better way of living this life that has been given to us.” – says world famous American photographer Steve McCurry. An outstanding retrospective of his work is exhibited these days in Brussels.

More than 200 photographs are shown with no chronological or theme order. You can get lost here, but that’s how it probably meant to be: by passing through transparent walls each time you find yourself in the new place, from South-East Asia to Africa, from Cuba to the United States, from Brazil to Italy.

Human element is the main focus for the photographer most famous by his image of Afghan girl, published on the cover of National geographic magazine in 1985. This iconic portrait is also shown here together with the one of the same displaced woman Sharbat Gula done “17 years later”:

The photographer says this picture of the women in a dust storm taken in India back in 1983 might be his favourite. His first intention was not to leave his taxi when the storm has started, but then he did jump out and ran off to try to photograph these women off the side of the road.

Exhibition is open until the June 25th 2017 in Palais de la Bourse (Brussels stock exchange)
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