Meet the Baghdad man who turned his van into a mobile bookshop

Ali al-Moussawi is a bookworm from Baghdad in Iraq who has turned his love of reading into a career.

The young entrepreneur decided to transform his van into a book shop and after nine months of hard work, his new business was ready to hit the road.

He adapts the selection of literature on offer in different areas of the city, which remains divided.

According to Ali, Sunni and Shiite Muslims tend to buy their own religious texts, and in Sunni areas biographies of Saddam Hussein remain popular.

He hopes that his venture will promote the importance of reading: “When a young man like me converts his car into a mobile library this deed will draw attention to and promote reading,” he explained.

Far from a simple hobby, the business brings in a monthly income of up to 4,000 US dollars and Ali currently employs four paid workers.
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