London art project is a feast for the senses

It’s being described as a blend of performance art, food and heightened emotion – and definitely makes a change from the average night out.

The Waldorf Project in London takes visitors on a seven-course immersive dining experience where art is consumed through all of the senses.

It is the brainchild of artist Sean Rogg, in collaboration with trailblazers in the worlds of environment, product, sound and costume design, choreography, and gastronomy.

The menu is deconstructed into categories of proteins, fibres, carbohydrates, hydration and alcohol, forcing participants to re-evaltuate how they experience food and drink.

“The food that you consume, or should I say the liquid menu that you consume, has got hundreds of ingredients in it, deliberately designed so that you don’t taste anything because you’re supposed to be having an emotion, and rather than looking at a plate of food you have something put in your mouth, and then you look at all of this and hear stuff and touch stuff,” says Rogg.

The idea is to test the audience’s responses and emotions, imposing feelings of tension, discomfort, fear, and bliss.

“There is no dialogue, there’s no text, you don’t read anything, nobody speaks – it’s purely emotional and some people are moved to tears, others find it sexual, others find it comical. It really depends on who you are and your interpretation of it. My job is to make sure that everybody has a reaction,” explains Rogg.

The third Chapter in the Waldorf Project installments, ‘FUTURO’ runs at Here East in London until November 20.

Waldorf project chapter one / muskmelon from sean rogg on Vimeo.
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