Nelson Mandela Foundation deals blow to South African President

South Africa’s President has come under fire from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, which has called for him to be sacked for bad leadership.

The foundation has accused Jacob Zuma of “political meddling for private interests”, saying he poses a threat to the country’s democracy.

The foundation was set up to safeguard the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela.

In a rare political statement, it talked about Zuma being responsible for the “wheels coming off” South Africa.

“We call on the governing party to take the steps necessary to ensure that the vehicle of state be protected and placed in safe and capable hands,“ said the statement.

The communique was entitled: “Time to account for crippling the state”.

The foundation’s board is made up of 10 prominent academics, politicians and journalists.

Zuma is yet to respond to the criticism.
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