Dior cruises the catwalk at Blenheim Palace

Dior returns to England’s Blenheim Palace to unveil its Cruise collection.

The residence of the Duke of Marlborough, is one of England’s grandest palaces and the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

#Dior returns to Blenheim Palace, 62 years after iconic show attended by Princess Margaret: https://t.co/Ql0nKyPLZf pic.twitter.com/i1By9WQiV2— Majesty/Joe Little (MajestyMagazine) May 28, 2016

The show brought a contemporary Dior back to the venue of earlier triumphs in 1954 and 1958, when shows attended by Princess Margaret introduced austere, post-war Britain to the style and beauty of French fashion at its most sofisticated.

Some of the pieces made references to British hunting styles, and countryside elegance, but overall the effect was more French than English.
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