Timelooper time travel coming to a city you think you know

Thanks to a new virtual reality app users can visit some of London’s historic buildings and miraculously travel back in time to experience the building in a different epoch.

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All you need is a smartphone and a cardboard headset.

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Andrew Feinberg, is one of the co-founders of Timelooper:“We actually overlay the current infrastructure with what the infrastructure of the tower and the surrounding environment was like in 13th century London. So for example, now you see a Starbucks and now you see the tower as it looks today with the moat drained. When we take you back in time, you actually see the historically accurate representation of the tower in its heyday.”

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The smartphone’s built-in motion detection allows time travelers to move their gaze around the virtual world. The videos are location-based, meaning visitors must visit the sites to unlock the historical experiences.

The app is a useful tool for those in the tourist industry.

Ruth Polling is a London Blue Badge guide:“I think it’s just really, really immersive. I mean, my job is a storyteller. I’m here to conjure up what things are like and this just gives me something else I can use particularly with small children getting them really engaged in the story that I’m telling.”

At St. Paul’s Cathedral, Timelooper users travel back to the Great Fire of London of 1666. The fire burned for four days, destroying over 13,000 houses.

Timelooper plans next to launch in New York City this April.
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