Japan: landslides hit Hiroshima killing scores of people

Scores of people were killed in Japan when landslides slammed into the western city of Hiroshima. At least ten others were reported missing.

Helicopters lifted out survivors as rescuers searched through mud and debris in residential areas.

Torrential rain caused landslides that pushed rivers of mud through people’s homes.

“All we could do was gather as a family and try to escape,” said one woman. “The flow of mud coming into the house was quite strong.”

“When I realised what was happening, there was mud flowing around and cars were being washed away, then everything started sliding away,” said another local resident.

The force of the landslide crumbled roads, while the force of mud ripped through residential areas turning some houses into piles of wreckage.

Around one month’s of rain fell in 24 hours up to Wednesday morning. Roughly half of that was dumped in just one hour.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is sending several hundred military personnel to help with rescue efforts.

He has cut short his summer holiday to return to Tokyo.
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