The postage stamp tributes to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela died peacefully at his Johannesburg home on Thursday after a prolonged lung infection.

Mandela rose from rural obscurity to challenge the might of white minority apartheid government – a struggle that gave the 20th century one of its most respected and loved figures. He was among the first to advocate armed resistance to apartheid in 1960, but was quick to preach reconciliation and forgiveness when the country’s white minority began easing its grip on power 30 years later.

He always be one of the most historical persons in the world.

During the years, lots of country make stamps with Nelson Mandela.

We choose some of them in memory of Nelson Mandela.

South Africa

Central African Republic

Democratic Republic of the Congo



Solomon Islands

Ex Soviet Union

“The world remains beset by so much human suffering, poverty and deprivation. It is in your hands to make of our world a better one for all.”

- Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
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