Japan to spend more money to contain Fukushima water leaks

The Japanese government has responded to its nuclear regulator. It said on Monday that it was thinking about dumping the radioactive cooling water from Fukushima into the sea and announced more money to tackle the problem.

The outcry over the suggestion, added to the news the stricken nuclear plant was leaking 300 tonnes of water a day, spurred Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to pledge extra clean-up money.

“To securely implement our basic policy, a ministerial task force to respond to contaminated water and decommissioning will be set up and necessary budgetary steps will be taken,” he said.

Around 360 million euros will immediately be spent on a frozen underground wall around the wrecked reactors to contain the leaks, although most of the suggested methods to deal with the crisis so far are using untried technology. The announcement also comes just days before the International Olympic Committee decides which city, Istanbul, Madrid, or Tokyo is awarded the 2020 summer games.
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