Japan: radioactive water leak at Fukushima classed as 'serious incident'

Japan’s Fukishima nuclear plant continues to be plagued by problems.

A leak, last week, of 300 tons of highly radioactive water was originally classified as a level 1 “anomaly” – the least serious type of incident.

Now that more is known, Japan’s nuclear regulator has upgraded it to a level 3 “serious incident.”

The contaminated water escaped from a storage tank.

The plant’s operator, TEPCO, at first denied it, then admitted it was unaware of how long the leak had been going on for and that it was possible the contaminated water had reached the Pacific Ocean.

In frustration at TEPCO’s inability to deal with a string of problems at the nuclear plant, the Japanese Government has taken over running it.

Foreign decommissioning experts are to be invited to advise the plant on how to deal with the radioactive water leaking from the site.
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