Confusion reigns over the morality police and headscarf laws in Iran

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By Euronews
More women are not wearing the headscarf in public in Iran
More women are not wearing the headscarf in public in Iran   -   Copyright  Iráni utcakép

On the streets of Iran, it is becoming an increasingly common sight to see women walking around with their heads uncovered. It’s not particularly a radical idea in most cities across the world, but in the Islamic Republic, it potentially marks a seismic shift.

Yet there is confusion over whether the morality police, who enforce strict Islamic dress codes, have been disbanded. For many women, it's a dream they hope will come true.

One student, Fatemeh, currently living in Tehran, said, "It’s much better without the morality police on the streets. You see more women walking around without a hijab. Almost as if they can decide for themselves. I think that`s an improvement."

Even if true, the abolition of the morality police by itself is likely to make little change to Iran's headscarf policy, as the interior ministry could change its methods of enforcing it.

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