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Italians say Salvini 'copied' #Salvini'sfault campaign from former Milan mayor

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By Lillo Montalto Monella  & Emma Beswick
Italians say Salvini 'copied' #Salvini'sfault campaign from former Milan mayor
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You might recognise the slogan Italy's Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini used for a recent social media campaign #ColpadiSalvini (#Salvini'sfault) — it's been used before by supporters of the former Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia.

The League leader on Wednesday posted a tweet with a series of images blaming him for various misfortunes.

"1% battery of battery left #Salvini'sfault," one read. "Stub your toe on a table leg #Salvini'sfault," said another.

Sociologist and political communication expert Sara Bentivegna made the association with the Pisapia campaign, writing on Twitter: "Already seen (this): many years ago with #Pisapia. More creativity, thanks."

While Salvini posted the images himself, "it's all Pisapia's fault" was born of his supporters in the 2011 Milan metropolitan election race, which saw him claim victory over Letizia Moratti.

The E' tutta colpa di Pisapia Facebook page started when Moratti accused Pisapia of stealing a car during a live TV debate — an accusation which he denied.

It contained posts like "Pisapia doesn't tell you when you have something in your teeth," and "Pisapia puts Mentos in CocaCola," and even: "Pisapia steals false teeth from old women". There was even a website and book that followed the social media account.

Pisapia is also running for election in the EU elections with the Italian Democratic Party (Partito Democratico, or PD).

Bentivegna told Euronews it's a sign of Salvini's increasingly chaotic social media strategy: "Before, Morisi (Salvini's PR expert) made targeted, strategic and sensible use of social media. Now it has started to seem chaotic and driven by the banal need to be present."

She added recent social media posts "weren't great ideas" and "gave the impression that he is in trouble".