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Venezuelan opposition leader Guaidó calls for peaceful demonstrations

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By Philip Pangalos
Venezuelan opposition leader Guaidó calls for peaceful demonstrations

The leader of Venezuela's opposition, Juan Guaidó, called on his supporters to take part in peaceful demonstrations on Saturday in front of military bases across the country to demand from the army to withdraw its support to Nicolás Maduro. The President of Venezuela announced that he is going on the counter-attack against those undertaking the coup.

"What we are doing is foreseen by the Constitution. It is not violence. We want to send the message, to add something more than we need so that we can have the transition that we are all waiting for in Venezuela," Juan Guaidó said.

The army is seen as key to developments in Venezuela. Up to now, it has remained loyal to President Maduro.

From the Spanish diplomatic residence in Caracas where he’s evading an arrest warrant, opposition leader Leopoldo López insisted that many army officers want a change. "Nobody can deny that in the armed forces there are women and men who are decided on freedom. I can say this," he said.

Either way, prospects for an immediate solution appear to be distant.

Since January Venezuela has been confronted with the most serious crisis in its history, with economic and monetary collapse bringing a humanitarian emergency. Nearly three million people are estimated by the UN to have left the country since 2015.