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Fireworks and ice sculptures dazzle at the Xinjiang Snow and Ice World festival in northwest China

The second Xinjiang Snow and Ice World festival has kicked off in Fukang City of northwest China's Xinjiang, presenting an array of activities to keep visitors entertained.

The festival has been themed around "Merry songs of the sea", and has six areas presenting different sceneries with light shows, fireworks and ice and snow sculptures. 

The park covers an area of about 100,000 square meters and consumes 60,000 cubic meters of snow.

Visitors gathered in groups either to marvel at beautiful sculptures or simply watch traditional performances.

"My first impression of the show was magnificent and astonishing, as this is my first visit to the snow festival here. Every snow sculpture is made with great diligence," said a visitor named Wang Binquan.

Some of the visitors who visited the festival earlier, claimed that it's better this year and so is its theme.

"This year is better than last year with a more distinct theme. I hope it will get better and better, especially in terms of the firework show. The fireworks have been getting more and more beautiful year after year," said Li Juan, another visitor.

The festival also presented a bunch of sporting activities for the visitors – the dragon boat race on ice being one of them.

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