Iranians abroad show support for protests back home

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Iranians abroad show support for protests back home

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Demonstrations of solidarity with protesters in Iran have been taking place in several European capitals including Berlin.

Members of a Kurdish-linked Iranian refugee association in the German capital have claimed many of those arrested back home are being put under pressure to confess to being tools of the West.

"We know that they need the support of Iranians in exile which is why we are here. Many of us here have experienced several of these protests in Iran in the last decades, in the 1980s, the 1990s and again about eight years ago in 2009," said Hamid Nowzari of the Committee for Iranian refugees in Berlin.

In Rome a group of around 30 demonstrators, said to be part of the militant Mujahedin movement displayed placards reading "stop executions" and "no to Rouhani".

The diversity of exiles supporting the protests reflects the wide spectrum of grievances behind the current unrest.

In London it was supporters of the Shah who fled into exile just before the 1979 Islamic Revolution who came out showing their support.

Such an apparent lack of unity among protesters and their supporters does not bode well for the outcome of what has been called a "resistance movement" by the US and Israel.

"It's not just one slogan or one cause," said UK based Iranian analyst Mehrad Vaezinejad. "For that reason, and without leadership, I think it will phase out. And if it doesen't then I think it will be crushed, that would be the safe bet," - UK based Iranian analyst Mehrad Vaezinejad.