Mexicans collectively rise to the earthquake challenge

Mexico's people have mobilised to deal with the latest earthquake to hit their country.

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Mexicans collectively rise to the earthquake challenge

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Across the earthquake zone in Mexico the first responders were often those who just showed up first. So many everyday citizens running in to help made for a sea of hands in motion, moving water where it is needed.

It is quite some organisational feat.

“I was five years old when the last earthquake happened, the big one and we have been taught and we have been waiting for this so it’s no surprise,” said one man.

Mexico City was rocked by a deadly quake in 1985. Yesterday morning they held a routine earthquake drill to prepare for the next disaster. The drill finished just hours before the real nightmare began. The quake hit on the very same day as the last, 32 years later.

Now waves of volunteers are mobilising, coming from far and wide, including an urban search team deploying from Los Angeles.

Israel is also sending 25 engineers.

“A number of buildings have collapsed in this neighbourhood and what folks are doing now is ferrying, literally, water by hand, by human hand. It is a long chain of humanity here taking water several blocks to a high school where they’re going to be giving out the water,” reports our partner NBC’s Ron Mott. “People here know that these are the crucial hours to find survivors, and so many are now answering the call.”

“That’s how we support each other,” says one woman.

Women and men, the young and the old; a common humanity locals say is anything but uncommon here.

“This is Mexico at its best,” says one volunteer proudly.

While the toll is heavy, along with hearts, a sense of purpose reigns supreme. Out of one disaster many stand at the ready, doing whatever it takes.