Humour in face of horror as Britons mock ISIL

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By Chris Harris
Humour in face of horror as Britons mock ISIL

Britons turned to humour to mock ISIL over its alleged involvement in Friday’s attempted bomb attack on the London Underground.

It was based around the readiness of self-styled Islamic State to claim responsibility for something that failed in its original goal of causing maximum loss of life.

Internauts took to Twitter to come up with other random failings in everyday life that the terrorist group could put their hands up for, using the hashtag #ThingsIslamicStateShouldClaim

The most popular tweets including suggesting ISIL take responsibility for excessive plastic packaging; unreliable railways; and making some biscuits too big to be able to be dunked in a mug of tea.

It is not the first time Britons have reacted to the horrors of terrorism with humour – they also did in May after the London Bridge attacks.