Paris and Los Angeles to host Olympic Games

IOC announces Paris and LA will host the Olympic Games in 2024 and 2028

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Paris and Los Angeles to host Olympic Games

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The 2024 Olympic Games will be held in Paris followed by the 2028 event in Los Angeles. The International Olympic Committee decided to break with tradition and announce both venues at the same time after six other cities pulled their bids amid concerns over cost and complexity. The IOC vote for both cities was unanimous.

Despite the lack of competition LA Mayor Eric Garcetti was delighted with the outcome and saw the announcement as something positive for all concerned:
“Usually you have two or three cities crying in a corner, the press comes and says how do you feel to a group that’s just lost and there’s one glorious victor. When in this world I think we have enough losers today or enough divisions today or enough people who go after their dreams only to have them crushed. Today, I think we modeled something different; that dreams can come true for two cities.”

It will be the third time that Los Angeles has hosted the games but 2024 will only be the second time in a century that Paris has played host.

“Really, bringing the Games back home after one hundred years is an immense happiness and, mainly, it is going be good for us,” Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said after hearing the announcement. “It is going to be really good for our country, for Paris. All we have said during this campaign, all the value we have given now we will be able to make it real and now a new extraordinary adventure is beginning.”

Originally both Paris and LA were bidding for 2024 but the situation resolved itself after the Californian city agreed to wait an extra four years following guarantees on funding by the IOC.