Can Santa afford the new iPhone?

Ten years after its first iPhone, Apple has unveiled its latest and most expensive yet – the iPhone X, priced at $999.

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Can Santa afford the new iPhone?

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Ten years after its first iPhone, Apple has unveiled its latest and most expensive yet.

The iPhone X – pronounce ‘ten’ – features an edge-to-edge display with richer colors and facial recognition to unlock the device without a fingerprint reader or home button.

Made of glass and stainless steel, it’s set to cost more than 1,000 euros when it’s released internationally in November.

There’s no iPhone 9 for now but the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, like the iPhone X, feature wireless charging.

The US tech giant also unveiled a new Apple Watch that can make phone calls and go online without an iPhone nearby.

Losing its edge?

Apple has sold more than 1.2 billion iPhones over the past decade and it ushered in the smartphone revolution, but critics say the company is losing its innovative edge.

Last year it saw revenue substantially decline as many consumers rejected the iPhone 7 as being too similar to the iPhone 6.

The screen on the iPhone X is about the size of the current iPhone 7 plus, though the phone itself is smaller.

Flashy new campus

Chief Executive Tim Cook opened the event at the Steve Jobs Auditorium on Apple’s new campus with a tribute to co-founder and former CEO Jobs, who died in 2011.

The Apple building itself was considered to be Jobs’ final product, and Cook spent a few minutes boasting about the design, energy-saving features and public spaces at the new campus, including a flagship Apple Store.

The theatre had never before been open to the public. The interior looks very similar to that of Apple’s stores.

More about the Steve Job Theatre

Apple’s event: as it happened

New Apple Watch is first up…stay tuned…

Apple watch series 3

Making enhancements to the heartrate app – see new measurements, like resting heartrate and recovery heartrate. Now, there’ll be better picture throughout the day.
Inspired by letters from customers, Apple adding feature that will notify you when it detects an elevated heartrate when you don’t appear to be active.
Heart rythmn has regular pattern, but sometimes it beats out of rythmn. It’s a leading cause of stroke. Apple watch expanding their work to use data from apple watch and notify users, study conducted along with Stanford medicine.

Completely redesigned music experience and will be available from September 19

It has cellular built in. Can go anywhere with just watch. Go for a run, go to beach, receive an important call with just the watch. The phone number is the same. Connection automatically switches to watch when you’re away from the phone.

Series 3, Apple music comes to Apple watch – you can stream 40 million songs on your wrist.

On the new Apple watch, siri can talk.

Apple TV…4K everyone…

Apple will now sell and rent digital 4K movies via itunes, in addition to its HD and SD resolution versions.

Apple will also be able to take advantage of 4K streaming content provided via Netflix, which has offered both 4K and HDR streaming on other platforms for a while now, and Amazon Prime Video, which is finally arriving on the platform as previously announced.


Too many new features to write…argh!!

Retina displays, TouchID, Siri and Facetime, Apple design GPU to accelerate 3D games,
For the camera – faster autofocus in low light, noise reduction. All new 12 megapixel sensor, new colour filter, 2 new sensors in dual camera.

The iPhone X – or iPhone 10…

iphone 10 – glass front and back.
Super retina display – 5.8 inches on diagonal
OLED technology
HDR colour accuracy, 3D touch, trutone

“Point is to enable entirely new experience”

To wake the iPhone, just tap on the screen – NO HOME BUTTON

Amazing experience with true depth camera and animoji..

A new charger from Apple…a charger mat. Place all your Apple products on it.

…they call it AirPower

Time to shop…