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The unique voice of Juan Diego Flórez


The unique voice of Juan Diego Flórez

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The voice of world-renowned Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez has evolved over the past few years.

After predominantly focusing on the bel canto repertoire of Rossini and Donizetti, he now explores the more lyrical compositions which require a fuller center.

He considered the change of style as a requirement to suit his maturing voice.

He said: “The stage of my career nowadays is doing new roles, doing new operas and also combining them with bel canto roles that are also new but they represent my core repertoire of what I have always done. In other words I’m still doing bel canto but I’m also doing the romantic French repertoire.”

“When my voice changed it was a transition. I felt uncomfortable with my voice because I didn’t know what was happening but then I adjusted, I studied,” he said.

“I never stopped singing. I continued but I was exploring my voice and this was very, very good for me to learn many more things that I didn’t think about.”

For him, the most beautiful part of the experience was being able to discover new music to add to his repertoire.

“[It] gives you the opportunity to savour all this new music that enriches you and that makes you feel fortunate to be also able to sing that,” he said.

“I am now at a stage that I really organise my projects, what I want to do, what I want to record, where I want to sing the pieces. Since I have a family I also want to be close to them but I’m looking forward to this second part of my career.

“Let’s say after 20 years of having sung full throttle, full energy, now it’s a more calm stage and I look forward to the future.”

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