Usain Bolt rules out return to the track

The fastest man on Earth vows not to make a comeback as he holds his last press conference as a sprinter.

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Usain Bolt rules out return to the track

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It was an emotional farewell for Usain Bolt as he took his final bow at the end of the World Championships in London this weekend. The Jamaican sprinter’s outstanding career ended on a painful note after a hamstring injury stopped him from finishing his last race and left him crumpled on the track.

A visibly lame Bolt told a press conference: “I remember after losing the 100 metres someone said to me ‘Usain don’t worry. Muhammad Ali lost his last fight also so don’t be stressed about that’ and for me I’ve proven myself year in, year out throughout my whole career and I don’t think one championship or one race or the fact that I I didn’t end my last race is going to change the fact of what I’ve done in the sport.”

The fastest man on Earth’s fans will be disappointed to hear that he vowed not to make a comeback. He announced: “I think I’ve seen too many people retire and come back into sport just to really make it worse or to shame themselves. So, I personally feel now I won’t be one of those persons to come back.”

Ever charismatic, the 30-year-old world record holder received a rare round of applause from journalists before leaving the podium and a glittering career behind.