Watch: China's oldest panda mom just had twins

Even pandas are having babies later in life.

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Watch: China's oldest panda mom just had twins

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Many pandas don’t even live that long, but in the Chinese province of Sichuan, 23-year-old Haizi just had twins.

China Central Television reports that’s a record. For pandas, one year of aging roughly equates to three to four human years – making the happy mother the equivalent of around 80 human years old.

Haizi had her twins on July 30 at the Shenshuping Base of Wolong National Nature Reserve: a female, weighing 175 grams, and a male, weighing 123 grams.

The previous record for an elderly panda becoming a mother was at 22. Breeders say captive-bred female pandas usually can start reproducing at around 4 years old, with wild ones developing a little later.

According to the China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Pandas, both Haizi and her cubs are in good health.

“We find that she is quite good at taking care of her babies, quite calm. The newborns are left in turn under her care, and so far so good,” said breeder Dong Chao.

After being rescued from the wild in 1994, Haizi already bore a pair of twins in 2013.