Udder madness? Russia holds a beauty contest ... for cows

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Udder madness? Russia holds a beauty contest ... for cows

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These are the beautiful bovines in the running to triumph at beauty pageant for cows.

Participants say getting their livestock ready for competition – held in Russia – is a long and time-consuming process.

The cows have a special diet so their coats have a groomed, shiny appearance and there are quirky accessories, such as hats and floral headwear, to make them stand out.

“(We gave them) special food, special feed, special as we call them biscotti,” says participant Yelena Fomina.

“We fed them in a special way, so that they look beautiful and groomed, were shiny. We feed them well anyway, but for the competition were preparing them especially. Here they are. Our beauties.”

Judge Nika Brans from the Netherlands says a balanced frame is the most important feature, but first impressions also count.

“It’s a little bit the same with women, it’s the first look that catches you,” he said.