iPhone ten years of revolution

iPhone a ten-year-old revolutionary

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iPhone ten years of revolution

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A decade ago Apple co-founder Steve Jobs launched the iPhone and with it a behavioral and commercial revolution.

The phone with a touch sensitive full-colour screen was something that looked like nothing else, even the initial hefty price tag of $499 did not put people off, they bought, they purred they stroked.

Lindsey Turrentine, editor CNET: “Our expectation that we should be able to find anything, anywhere and order it no matter where we are has changed the way that retail., has changed the way delivery works, has changed pretty much everything about every industry.”

The iPhone shifted a million units in eight weeks and the simple user friendly more than a phone was here to stay an essential gaget.

On the streets it is hard to find anyone not affected by the trend:“It’s made me very dependent on it which is okay with me because I literally have the world in my hand, it’s been great. I can do everything, pay my bills, make reservations, learn stuff, it’s awesome, it’s like a computer right in my hand,” says one woman.

The iPhone has gone through a number of incarnations at the moment we are at iPhone 7 with 8 on the horizon out in September.