Fridge freezer sparks Grenfell horror blaze

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Fridge freezer sparks Grenfell horror blaze

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The Grenfell Tower Fire started in a fridge freezer according to the Metropolitan Police as investigations continue into the blaze that destroyed 151 homes and claimed the lives of 79 people.

Forensic tests have revealed that the insulation samples and cladding tiles burst into flames soon after the examination started.

Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack spoke to the media: “We are concerned about the fridge freezer in this matter and we have been working with the Department of Energy, Business and Industrial Strategy who are working with Hotpoint on the safety of that fridge. We know this fire wasn’t started deliberately. And we know that the fridge freezer in this matter has never been subject to a product recall, further investigations are ongoing into that fridge.”

The appliance is made by Hotpoint, owned by Whirlpool and issued a statement.

“We offer our most profound condolences to the victims, those who have lost loved ones, homes, and possessions, and to their friends and families.”

The repercussions of the Grenfell tragedy are being felt across the country, eleven buildings have now been identified as having flammable cladding.

Structures in Manchester, Plymouth and London have been earmarked as at risk

The Hotel chain Premier Inn said it had “concerns” about the material in some of its buildings.