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Spain's Rajoy faces no-confidence vote


Spain's Rajoy faces no-confidence vote

Lawmakers in Spain have begun debating a motion of no-confidence against conservative Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Why was the vote called?

In protest over the large number of corruption scandals involving Rajoy’s governing Popular Party.

Rajoy, who heads a minority government, has been dragged into the most damaging of the corruption cases involving the Popular Party.

The alleged kickbacks-for-contracts scheme to finance party activities.

He will testify as a witness in the case on July the 26th.

Who proposed the motion?

The far-left Podemos Party.

Podemos has 71 deputies in the 350-seat parliament. It is presenting its ponytailed-leader Pablo Iglesias as an alternative candidate to Rajoy.

Will the motion be passed?

Unlikely. Watchers say it will not get the required backing of an absolute majority of deputies needed to oust Rajoy.

What they are saying

“Spain is tired of being robbed, it is tired of being robbed by you and democracy demands steps be taken, your honour, it demands steps be taken,” – Irene Montero, Podemos.