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May Day on twitter

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May Day on twitter

Last week UK Prime Minister Theresa May said that the naughtiest thing that she had ever done was run through a field of wheat. Faced with the results of what now appears to be a catastrophic decision to call a snap general election, twitter has been having a field day:

Big mistake

Frustrated by her lack of immediate contrition, some have resorted to putting words into her mouth…

…or just illustrating the way they imagine she must feel:

Meet the voters

The voices which have been mocking Theresa May throughout the campaign because of her reluctance to debate with any of her opponents have gained in vitriol as the night has worn on:

Others have claimed that, had Theresa May got out and about a bit more during the campaign, her losses would have been worse:

On exit polls

Pollsters, who have got some recent election results significantly wrong, have not escaped unscathed from the attack on the Prime Minister:

Hung Parliament

And, as Britain looks set to confront a hung Parliament, Theresa May’s direst campaign warnings are coming back to haunt her:

As for her characterisation as a strong and stable leader…

world news

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