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Manchester residents queue up for "solidarity" tattoos

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Manchester residents queue up for "solidarity" tattoos

The symbol of Manchester, the worker bee, has appeared in street art to show solidarity after last week’s suicide bomb attack … but now people are queuing up to make the message even more personal.

Residents are getting tattoos of bees, in various tattoo parlours in the city, as part of an appeal to raise money for the victims and their families.

One of those getting a tattoo, Angela Gillings, said: “At the end of the day, there are a lot of people who are getting these to show that we won’t be divided in Manchester.

“I think that’s the attitude that Manchester has anyway. The bee’s the symbol of Manchester.

“It shows that we get through everything, even after things don’t go so well. We get back up and we work for what we have: the worker bee.”

Tattoo artist Paul Hatley said he was happy to help raise funds. “It’s a lot of people it’s affecting, it’s affected everybody.

“I think it’s good that Manchester comes together and gets something different done.”

Angela Gillings added: “I’ve not seen anything like this before, I don’t think, anywhere else in the world. Go Manchester.”

Another person getting a tattoo, Lucy Hazler, said: “It feels like it’s a good cause. First tattoo so… it feels like we’re doing it for a good reason.”

United Kingdom

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